Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alexyss Taylor- The Mute Button Has Your Name On It

I came across this video at Jezebel.  It simply has to be seen to be believed.  Watch for as long as you can stand it....

I simply cannot stand hearing a black person say the word Nigger.  Once is more than enough, but to use it repeatedly for shock value reveals a colonized mind. Apparently she is unaware that someone cannot "turn" gay.  Referring to homosexuals as sissies is extremely derogatory. If both parties agree to engage in different sexual acts, it is none of your business.  There are many couples that are quite content living a polyamrous life.  It is not a marker of low self-esteem to have an open sexual relationship, it is a matter of not viewing your partner as a possession. Monogamy may be hegemonic but that does not make it any more normal than polyamory.

The amount of time that she spends dedicated to anal sex, leads one to believe that she has some sort of fetish for it.  The louder you scream about it Alexyss, the more you make me wonder... Are you thinking about that as you puff, puff, puff away on that nasty cigar?  What you are is a disgusting caricature of everything the media constructs women of color to be.  You are loud, abrasive and callous.  While you claim to be making this little rant to benefit WOC what you are actually doing is SHAMING US.  No one is saying that you have to conform to be accepted, however spewing your ignorance all over the net for the world to see only helps to reinforce a negative image of WOC in the minds of others.  I am sure that Jerry Springer would love to meet you, such is the level of your elegant soliloquy.  We deserve a better representative then you.

Even as I type this, I know that I am arguing with crazy, something that a very wise woman once told me never to do.  How can anyone make a sensible argument with a woman that says things like "butt pussy".  Here is another point you should note, calling women bitches is not empowering. Inferring that there is a competition between straight women, and gay men is simply twisted.  I just cannot seem to stop commenting....hmmmm.....

Ok final words, I realize that the woman is clearly off balance, but if I can see that why didn't the person who gave her, her day pass notice this too?  When you return her to the straight jacket that she clearly needs, ban her from making anymore youtube posts, and inform her that she is the worst representative for "vagina power" that has been unleashed on feminism ever.

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