Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mixed Schools Lead To Cross Dressing In Dubai

image In a campaign entitled "Preserve Our Social Values," Dubai is arresting men, and women who are publicly cross dressing.  The Khaleej Times Daily quoted Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan as saying, "Several men in women's dresses and make-up have already been arrested from shopping malls and residential buildings. He is further quoted by the Arab News as saying, “What is happening among our youth is unnatural and is a result of lack of religious awareness. A lot of these teenagers turn to such deviant behavior to make up for the lack of parental attention. Some parents also contribute to such behavior by treating the boys better than the girls which results in girls hating their sex and so trying to act like boys"

Unnatural?  Right because viewing everything in gender binaries is somehow more healthy, and stable.  Let's just ignore the fact that it undermines individual expression, and disciplines the body. Gender must be carefully divided into categories at all times, and there can be no blending.  Each sex is to be assigned roles at birth, which are to be followed rigidly until death, otherwise society will just completely collapse.  Imagine the damage a man in a skirt, or a woman in a pair of pants could do to civilization as a whole.  It could be worse for the world than the so-called election of George Bush, or even global warning.  Can a society really survive such a threat?

Of course the inequality between males, and females would lead to internalized hatred.  This could not possibly be a means of thwarting a system wherein women are subject to misogyny could it?  The true nature of the feminine is to submit at all times, regardless of how harsh, or unfair the living circumstances are.   Yes, gender bending behavior is simply unfeminine.  Using ingenuity to challenge hegemonic discourse surrounding performativity is something a male would do, and so when females put on "male clothing," they are turning their backs on everything that constitutes 'woman'.

Speaking to Arab News, Hamda Amiri, a social worker with one of the government high schools, said that there were an increasing number of girls dressing like boys in the schools. “The phenomenon is more visible in the girls’ schools than in the boys. It has become fashionable and cool for some of these girls to dress and act as boys. It’s shocking but some girls think that by dressing and acting this way, they are rebelling and making a statement! What is also sad is other girls are copying them, thinking that it is a sign of being cool!” she said.

It is simply tragic that they would turn their backs on all of the wonderful privileges they are endowed with as women in Dubai. What possible statement could they be attempting to make?  Gender binaries are normal, and not socially constructed at all.  I know this because the government  enforces this through the penal system, therefore it must be true.  The government would never pass a ruling that was not beneficial to all members of its society now would it? What kind of threat could women actually post to male hegemony if they were to achieve social, and legal equality?  We are after all only women, therefore we are quiet, submissive, and docile.  Nope, no natural aggression or intelligence here.

There must be something really sinister behind these changes.  With all of the work that has gone into regulation and social control, what could have gone unnoticed to lead to such a disturbing trend? According to The Khaleej Times Daily, Lt-Gen Dhahi Khalfan, "called upon the media and religious and educational institutions to spread awareness about this unnatural behaviour that violates Islamic values. He also called upon the Ministry of Social Affairs to study the reasons behind the trend and recommend solutions. “Co-education could be one of the reasons behind this,” he opined.

Ahhh, the perils of the sexes actually interacting with each other.  Of course this opinion is not in the least bit self-interested.  It would not in any way benefit one sex over the other to utilize a system of separate, and unequal education. Could that really be the answer, segregation? Psychiatrist Dr Mohammed Murad theorized, in The Khaleej Times Daily, "people who indulge in cross-dressing suffer from genetic disorders, but could also be influenced by odd behavior witnessed around them. He attributed such changes in society to co-education, Internet explosion and technology."

Opps, co-education again and hmmm of course they're sickos. Not like you or I. Now a doctor has legitimized it, and it makes sense.  "Normal" people always conform to their specific gender roles.  If it were not for the disgusting influence of the West, perhaps their "illnesses" would not even have progressed to this state. Of course having access to the Internet where ideas flow freely can be harmful to already damaged and ill minds, otherwise they would never turn their backs on this homogeneous way of living. Not to worry though, Big Brother is on the job, and Orwell would be proud. Dubai will be saved! This western perversion will magically disappear at the borders, as the government has already taken steps to ensure the return of normalcy to the population. The moral fiber of society is dependent on this delicate balance. If it is not checked at an early stage it could spread through society like a cancer, and who knows what people will do next. The line has been drawn, and western "influence" must stop at the sipping of Starbucks.

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Ebony Intuition said...

There has been a lot of cases of men and women who are gay being arrested in dubai and also egypt this year..I recall and article that gay men in egypt were strapped to the hospital beds out of fear of infecting people with aids..which is just wrong..