Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Noose Intimidation Finally Illegal

image Lafayette Rep. Rickey Hardy, authored a bill to make it illegal to place a noose with the intention of intimidation.  Hardy's HB726 is now heading to the Senate for consideration."Anybody who feels like they've been intimidated" by someone displaying a noose on another person's property or in a public place can file a complaint with a district attorney's office, said Hardy, as reported by the Shreveport Times. After an investigation, the district attorney would decide whether to prosecute under the new law.

Dressed in a white suit, black shirt and white tie, Hardy told the House his bill was plain and to the point — "like me, in black and white."

"I ask you to do the right thing for all the people in his great state," he said, prior to the 97-0 vote.

The House considered an amendment that would sanction use of nooses at school pep rallies but after questions raised by fellow members of the Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Charmaine Marchand, D-New Orleans, withdrew it.

Marchand said tying a noose around a dummy dressed in an opposing team's colors is meant to "excite the student body, not to intimidate anyone." She said it "happens with students of all races at a function."

Rep. Rosalind Jones, D-Monroe, said a noose is considered a symbol of slavery, since lynching was a common form of punishing escaped slaves, and "these are our children we're trying to set an example for."image

Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, said it was "unnecessary violence on a campus."

Hardy said his bill would prohibit posting a noose on someone else's property or in a public place with the intention of intimidating another person, regardless of race.

But the bill includes language stating that a noose "means a rope tied in a slip knot, which binds closer the more it is drawn, which has been used in execution by hanging, and which historically symbolizes racism and intimidation."

The bill now moves to the Senate for debate.

There are some who would say that the recent strategic noose placements are isolated incidents, I  submit, that they are not.  noosewatch The map courtesy of  Diversity Inc illustrates the prevalence of these terror attacks . Discovering a noose is no different from finding a cross burning on your front lawn.  It is an act of hatred, meant to incite fear and submission of black people.  By authoring the bill Rep. Rickey Hardy has made a statement that blacks will no longer be intimidated.  We have the right to live a life that is not subject to fear based on our race.

The reaction to this legislation has not been pleasant.  In fact there has been a huge back lash from historical revisionists. All commentary is from the Shreveport Times.

Bullfrog44: "What a crock.."no need to make a noose unless you intend to use it".. as someone who played "Indians, and cowboys" in my youth along with using cap pistols, and riding stick horses I and I dare say all of my friends made a noose with NO intention of using to hang an Indian, a cowboy, or a black was simply to see if you could tie one just part of the game of make-believe we experienced before the days of video games, etc.. Liberals are so concerned about being PC.. Get over it."

How many of his "little" friends wanted to play the black or the Indian that got slaughtered.  Let me guess the guy in the white cowboy hat was everybody's favorite right?  Sure little children playing lets hang the black, or the Indian was a perfectly harmless pass time.  It did not teach white privilege, nor did it reinforce the idea that some people had the right to pursue life, while others should naturally fear death for the evilness, and or savagery of their race.

ColdTruth: "If anyone thinks this law will be equally enforced on the races they are terribly naive. This is yet another 'feel good' law. Blacks DO NOT have the right to claim a noose as their own' victim symbol. Cowardly white politicians make me sick. Just WHO is going to prove "intent" in a courtroom? A jury full of blacks and liberal whites? Proving intent is like trying to read someone's mind. Impossible, but what a black jury convict a white person and ruin their life because they drew a picture of a rope."

It won't be enforced equally because you idiot, whites hung blacks not the other way around. Did I miss an outbreak on the evening news wherein there were stories of blacks burning crosses and placing nooses on the property of whites?  That makes about as much sense as a POC trying to join the KKK. After the end of slavery when blacks no longer constituted property, they began to be lynched in mass numbers.  They were murdered for perceived slights against whites, including alleged rape of white women, glancing at a white woman inappropriately, owning property, attempting to vote, attempting to run for office, owning property, owning property in better shape than a white persons, speaking out about social injustice, or even just for having self pride. 

Other than trying to intimidate a black person, I fail to see any other reason why a white person would strategically place a noose on the property of a POC. Its sole purpose could be none other than reminding us that our bodies have no value in this society. I would suggest that rather than a symbol of black victimology, the noose represents a symbol of white hegemony.

Bullfrog44 (again): Their next logical step will to be to outlaw white sheets being sold by retailers..DUH !

And the final word...

Poodleball: "HOW DOES A NOOSE ... historically symbolize racism and intimidation? "

Not to you because you do not have a history of watching your sons and fathers dance with the rope. According to Spartacus Education, "It has been image estimated that between 1880 and 1920, an average of two African Americans a week were lynched in the United States." 

Why should we claim the noose as a symbol of hatred, violence and murder?  Quite simply because that is exactly what it represents.  Perhaps pictures speak louder than my humble words. I suggest a visit to There you will find a photographic history of lynchings in America, if you can stand the violence and the hatred.

THIS IS A PERPETUATION OF RACISM, BY BLACK LAWMAKERS NO DOUBT. A noose should be a sign of criminal punishment -- in some states, is not there still the option of death by hanging?

The last time someone was hanged by the state? Anyone? Bill Bailey 1996 and all gallows have since been disassembled. However, long before that the most common method of execution was the gas chamber.  I will suggest to you in an irony that you perhaps did not intend, more blacks have been executed than whites, and therefore your argument about it being a symbol of capitol punishment alone is baseless.  The death penalty is racially biased, and thus the noose could also stand for the racism that is inherent in the legal system. 

They diminish themselves as educated people. An attempt to stir the pot , add controversy and garner votes at their next election.

I thought that the next major election was for President of the United States.  Did I miss something, is he not a representative of ALL of the people?  Since when did it become the black election? While slavery is no longer in existence, commentary such as this highlights the degree to which racism is still an issue in the United States.  The fact that a bill like this even needs to be authored stems from the fact that blacks are still considered second class citizens. Fighting racism by making it illegal to display symbols of social injustice is not a nuisance, it is an attempt on the part of lawmakers to address a social wrong, and achieve some sort of racial parity.  Be honest, you are only really upset because now you don't have an accessory to go with your white sheet.  Halloween just won't be the same for you now will it?  Final note, there are whites in jail for committing crime as well.


Sally said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute... there is opposition and backlash??? What?

There are actually people out there who don't see the historically racist, violent, and outright disgusting imagery that a noose represents?

Sometimes I can't believe I live in this country, or on this planet really.

Ennui said...

Just to make a minor point, the idea of "claiming" the noose as solely a symbol of violence against a little ridiculous.

Yes, a lot of blacks were hanged in the United States during a period of many years.

Hanging was earliest recorded in the year 400AD. In England. And was used for roughly 1500 years. It was also recorded in basically every single country that had an execution penalty.

So, the point is, more whites have been hanged than blacks, worldwide. Many, many people have hanged. Whites were hanged in the United States, if found to be criminals, all throughout our history. Hanging has been a traditional form of execution for over a millenia.

Acting as though it was something that only blacks experienced, and once in a great while a white, is very revisionist, and not at all attuned with the actual history of the punishment.

Renee said...

I never specifically said that whites were not hanged. I said that because of the racist lynchings in the US the noose represents fear to POC. Rightfully it should. Men were not lynched for any other crime than being black.

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