Thursday, June 5, 2008

Put Your Woman On A Leash

Looks like today is going to be day of ranting.  I am seriously thinking it is time to unplug, as everywhere I look I keep getting assaulted by images that people seem to find humorous, that are in fact sexist and hurtful to women.  image

 imageI found these two little beauties at a website that promotes leashing women to ensure that they remain under male control.  The gold wedding ring is not a status symbol enough, no women must be put on a leash to make sure that we obey our male masters/husbands/boyfriends..or roving psycho. Notice that both women are smiling happily despite being led on a leash like a dog.

What you may wonder, has earned these women these wonderful collars? ...SEX.  We claim to live in sexually liberated times, yet in actuality this is not the case.  A woman's sexuality is ultimately still under the control of males.  Despite the fact that it is our bodies, we should never be able to decide for ourselves how, and who we will engage with.  A man deserves to know that his "property" is intact at all times.  Isn't that the crux of the issue for all misogynists...women are objects, and not people therefore it is justifiable to demean us in any, and all matters.  Sex is something men do to women, and not something that should ever be considered a shared experience. Well guess what, my vagina is not just a cum repository. It is the giver of life, and MY pleasure.

Somehow I cannot find amusement in this site.  The thought of being put on a leash to make sure I "stay sweet" fails to tickle my funny bone.  Why would that be?  Perhaps because somewhere along the line I decided that my body belonged to me.  Maybe it was the day I had the ridiculous thought that it should be my decision on whether or not to have sex.  Perhaps, it was when it occurred to me that I am more than my body parts, and did the ever so radical thing of acknowledging myself as a sentient being.

Okay enough beating around the point.  This SHIT just is not funny, unless you are a useless, pitiful piece of crap not worthy of giving a handout to.  It is more than annoying in the Jehovah's Witness at your front door sense, it is infuriating in that I wish I could whoop your ignorant woman hating ass kind of sense.  It brings out the violent streak in me, and yes I know that good girls are supposed to hold our tongues, and not acknowledge our baser emotions. When I see crap like this I must admit it gives validation to political lesbians.  My body is not for sale, it cannot be controlled, nor am I interested in boosting your fragile male ego.  A possession is is inanimate object, and not a living breathing human being, or did you miss the 13th amendment in civics class?  Here is an idea, how about we put a muzzle on all men until they can learn to behave like human beings?  How about we put them in cages until they learn that it is not okay to rape women. How is that for a lesson in control?


Emz said...

Why so upset over a poorly designed personal website? Yes, the woman on a leash thing is lame and stupid, but it's so unoriginal and un-funny that I can't believe anyone would take offense, let alone find any kind of humour in it. The site (which doesn't appear to get a lot of traffic) was probably made by some jerk who has issues with women's autonomy. Yawn. And on close inspection the 'leashes' in the images have been digitally drawn onto the originals in a very sloppy manner. It's not like any of these anonymous women actually posed with a leash around her neck while feigning happiness. But we do know that the maker of the site thinks a lame attempt to humiliate women is oh-so-hilarious. So he's probably a loser. Oh well.

There are plenty of real-life products out there that are made to humiliate women, which annoy me far worse than imaginary ones. Like disembodied fake breasts mounted on a wooden plaque that sing and dance, which I'm not going to post the link to. Look up 'singing boobs'. I think there is a difference between an actual misogynistic product that people can buy in real life, and a spoof site for an imaginary misogynistic product, that most people will probably never see unless they are specifically looking for such a thing.

Renee said...

Yes I know that the images are photo shopped but it is irrelevant. All that matters is that once again women are being demeaned. One image of a woman being demeaned is one image too many. To fight sexism you need to attack whenever you see it. Patriarchy counts on us dismissing images as unimportant, and as we know there is no such thing as an innocent image. It is important to critique sites like this simply because we quickly internalize without thinking. It is the internalization that is harmful. Every image we see whether or not we acknowledge it or not acts on us in a subconscious way. Would it have been better to wait until the site became popular to say this is not funny? call bullshit when you see it. Make no mistake small incidents quickly escalate.

nezua said...

so emz says that they cant believe anyone would take offense. well why would they? women with leashes on. isn't that funny? emz "yawns." emz says "there is a person outside with no teeth so why are you worried about one cavity?"

emz is wrong.

renee, you are dead on correct. it's a gross site pushing a gross message, and you are right to call it out. pay no mind to people who want to devalue your outrage or feelings. they are fools and part of the same problem.

lujlp said...

I am calling bullshit on this one, did all of you fail to notice the last picture and caption?

'Comming soon - Leash your man'

Renee said...

Nope I saw answer I'll believe when I see it. To me it was there to take the sting out of an obviously offensive fake ad. Since we know that these images were photoshopped if the creator had intended to show images of men he/she could have easily done so at the same time. Id he/she actually does do one for men ask yourself why it was necessary to do the one for women first...the order is no accident.

lujlp said...

Because a gentelman always lets a lady go first.

Look I'm not saying it isnt offensive, but there is probably a real web ad somewhere acctually selling what this poorly made fake ad depicts.

Why tilt a windmills when there are real giants to be found?

Renee said...

I posted about it because I believe that there is no such thing as an innocent image. You keep coming back to it so clearly it struck a chord with you too. Whether it or not it is a farce is irrelevant when the point of this is to humiliate women.

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