Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colluders Justify Rape Of 11 Year Old Child

In 2006 an 11 year old girl was subject to rape by as many as 20 men and boys over the course of hours.   According to MSNBC, "The people convicted ranged in age from 13 to 40 at the time of the assault. Most received prison sentences of four to 15 years. The 40-year-old man got 25 years, while the 16-year-old girl was sentenced to up to three years in a juvenile facility."

Reading this story I was filled with sadness that someone so young had to go through something so horrific. It is yet another example of the fact that black female bodies are considered bodies that are ultimately meant for male sexual satisfaction.  Whether it is in media representations, or social construction, the black female is always considered to be less than, and as such an open target for rape.

As if this story wasn't heart wrenching enough, the commentary from the colluders filled me with such a violent rage.

"A number of women in the girl's neighbourhood said the males involved were good people who made bad decisions."

Let's be clear, a rapist is not a good person, who made a bad decision. There is nothing redeemable about someone who thinks that they possess the right to violate anyone in this manner. Whatever prior good acts they may have committed are mitigated by this one event.   There are some actions that we perform in life that become main identifiers, and rape qualifies as such an act. It is an assertion of power, and an act of hatred against women. To defend such an action is to agree that all women at anytime are available for rape, if the man in question happens to be a "nice guy".

"Five years? Ten years? That's ridiculous," said LaToya Bell, 22, sitting on a porch with four others who nodded in agreement. "They (are) getting time for nothing. That girl, she knew what she was doing."

Yes, an 11 year old child knew when she was coerced by a 16 year old girl, that the end result would be sex with multiple men. Stop blaming the victim! We hold police to higher standards than this when we deal with entrapment, and yet this child is supposed to be able to understand, what she was "allegedly consenting" too.

There are those that have told me, that I am too hard on colluders. I on the other hand, believe that I have not attacked them enough. Women who support acts of violation against other women are dangerous. This can be reified by the fact that in this case, the rapists were aided by a female. Collusion often times leads to more than words, it leads to complicity in action. The 16 year old girl did not identify with the 11 year old female victim, no instead she found solidarity with a gang of rapists. It is only thorough feeling contempt, for everything female, is it possible for a young woman to aid in the abuse of an 11 year old girl.  When rapists attack us they can count on the colluders to provide support, and encouragement of their behaviour.  The internalized hatred that colluders present to world impacts all women, in that it encourages men to believe that they have the right to violate, and abuse us as they see fit.  Power can never truly be disturbed as long as there are women who falsely identify with patriarchy.  Colluders are to the advancement of the women's rights movement, what the house slave was to the abolition of slavery.


julie said...

Rape is one of the hardest things for many of us to understand and it will be one of the hardest things to deal with to bring us all together.

But all of us is needed to sort this out and listening to each other is going to be the key. (my strong opinion)

Because if we don't ..., then we are going to have chaos far beyond what our minds can imagine.


It WAS important for women to speak up about this and it still is but what we all seem to forget IMO to consider is that the women who are speaking up are coming from a place of experience and damage. They have great passion over this. And sadly, what they don't have is another side to help them see this from another point of view.

It IS 100% unfair to condemn every man on this planet to be a rapist for the fact that they see women physically sexual. Women DO see men physically sexual also. No ifs, not buts. A backlash is inevitable. Men and women MUST share this planet together.

There is nothing worse than seeing men whistle at a young girl walking down the round in sexy clothing because big companies are promoting this clothing as trendy. These girls are insecure themselves just trying to keep up with the "pictures of perfect women" they are bombarded with every day through magazines, films and fashion.

"But they are asking for it", is a reply some men will say.

This is true in the fact that they want to feel good but it is not true from a sex point of view. They are not wearing a sign around their neck asking for sex.


Rape is physical in that you can have very damaging physical scars and a knife sure leaves a number of them. Also the body is what is being touched and abused.

But what it does to the emotions is where the greatest harm is done.

Feminism has lost my respect regarding rape. For too many years of my own life it kept me allowing a man to live rent free in my head. For too many years a man (just one) had control of me.

But then I found a way to set myself free. I found a way to take back my control. After all this man did not even know or care that he had so much control over me.

11 years later, I forgave him.

I did not forgive him for him. I forgave him for ME! I forgave so he had no more power over me. So my life wasn't evolved around something he had done to me 11 years previously.

I will fight tooth and nail for my stand that making women feel sorry of their lack of power is the wrong thing to do.

Empowering women is the right thing to do. It matters not whether women are smaller than men. Men have great weaknesses to want to care for women. My friends would have killed him had I spoke up. And my bother and his friends.

Renee said...

These girls are insecure themselves just trying to keep up with the "pictures of perfect women" they are bombarded with every day through magazines, films and fashion.
This is an assumption. WOmen do dress to feel good about themselves and not necessarily to satisfy the make gaze.

Feminism has lost my respect regarding rape
Why is that?

julie said...


What, what, what?

Are you not going to give me the symphony in the background with wording from your mouth, Oh, you poor poor girl. How hard life is and how horrible he was. Lock him up for life.

Just kidding. It was hard but time healed.

These girls are insecure themselves just trying to keep up with the "pictures of perfect women" they are bombarded with every day through magazines, films and fashion.
This is an assumption. WOmen do dress to feel good about themselves and not necessarily to satisfy the make gaze.

What women Renee? Ok, just give me a chance to explain.

I don't see many homosexual women dressing up. Gosh, some of them look like they just come off the dump truck.

So that means heterosexual women are more concerned with their looks. (generalising here BTW)

I know I always go out feeling great and sexy clothes does make you feel great.

But I wonder why I do it?

I am single again and there is one guy in my area who always buys me a red rose when I and him are in the same place. Other guys have made a fuss of me also. I don't want to go home with one of them but I do enjoy the night much better with men fussing over me.


I drop my son of at a course where there is heaps of testosterone. One girl there dresses like she is going to a dress up party. Very sexy young lady with very revealing clothing.

Lucky for the guys that they are mates and are not going to fight over a girl there. lol

As you can see, I am still tossing this in my mind.

julie said...


Feminism has lost my respect regarding rape
Why is that?

I am glad you ask me this.

I was asked if I would organise the 2007 rape walk in my city. I said "no", because I am not happy with what is happening.

The laws are making it impossible for women to be strong, independent and trusted.

Just look at the law where women are automatically raped if they have been drinking alcohol.

Men cannot afford to even sleep with their wives if they have been drinking a few wines.

This makes up women look like we are incapable of making our own decisions.

This makes us look like weak, unfit to drink, unfit to make a decision children.

It is despicable!!!

Renee said...

Julie I don't morally judge the prostitute but the fact is prostitution is exploitation. If it were not for the system of exchange that we currently have prostitution would cease to exist period.

Sam Pierce said...

I am curious about your opinion of the punishment for rape, particularly when the victim is a child. I believe it should be a capital offense.

I share your disgust with the attitudes of the neighbors in this story, but I am confused about the racial aspect. Did they rape the girl because she was black? Did they offer that as an excuse for what they did? Were the rapists white? Was race a part of what happened or was it injected after the crime because the victim happened to be black?

Renee said...

I do not believe in capital punishment under any circumstances and I say that as a mother of two. The state cannot say to its members though shalt not kill and then turn around and commit the same act. On the death certificate of every single person executed the cause of death is listed as homicide. That speaks volumes. Also the death penalty as you well know is not fairly applied. Women get sentenced to death far less than men for similar crimes. Those that are usually sentenced to death are black and poor. They don't receive adequate defense from the lawyers that are ordered to represent them. With the high level of racism in the US it is clear that Justice is indeed not blind. Look at all of the men that have recently been released from prison because of DNA testing or new evidence. There is far too many opportunities for an innocent man to pay the ultimate price for me to believe for one moment that the death penalty should be used. One finally fact even in the states with the death penalty their crime rates are no lower and so it does not even function as a deterrent.

As for the rape victim..rapists as far as I know were all black including the 16 year old girl who held her down so that she could be raped. Race comes into play in this case because of the way black females are socially constructed in western society. We occupy the bottom of the racial and gender hierarchy and as such have no institutional other. So if we look at the usual characterization angry, mammy, jezebel, it is clear that in this case the Jexebel characterization came into play. Black women are often considered as bodies that are "unrapeable" because we are characterizes as always being desirous of sex regardless of our age. This is part of the reason why you find the commenters trying to justify the rape of an 11 year old girl. If you look at the comments from the R kelly case you will see the same sort of response. This is not a new phenomenon and in fact has been in place since slavery.

Daomadan said...

"I don't see many homosexual women dressing up. Gosh, some of them look like they just come off the dump truck."

julie: Just STOP with the homophobic comments and stereotypes that you have with my community. Just STOP.