Friday, July 11, 2008

Fox Attacks Michelle Obama

This compilation which is courtesy of Michelle Obama watch makes it clear that FOX News is out to construct Michelle as an angry black woman.  The following video is a compilation of the attacks that she has undergone. No you are not imagining it Fox News has a racist agenda, and we need to call them on it.


lujlp said...

Fox news isnt racist, they are simply liars.

They went to court and argued there is no law prohibiting a news outlet from lying to the public.

The attack have more do do with the fact that her husband is a dem, not thhe color of her skin.

If Obama was a republican and McCain a democrat fox news would be atttacking his wife.

Just because they are being ashole to a democrat who happens to be black does not make them racists. Just assholes

Sorry to burst your bubble but every little thing that happens in this world doesnt revolve around racism and sexism

lujlp said...

There are alot of nut job MRA's, but there are also nut job feminists who equale children playing to gang rape and refer to all men as potential rapists.

Most MRA want one simple thing - equlity. Equality in custody, in disribution of marital assests, equality before the law.

Remeber you post a while back about the guy who was in jail beacuse a 13yr old girl lied about her age and he told the girls father what had happened?,23599,23972522-2,00.html

Well here is a stroy where a woman produced child porn with acouple of 14 yr olds

After you read it perhaps you would be so kind as to explain how exacly men are the privilaged sex again?

lujlp said...

Yea, That last was to go on another post, sorry

lujlp said...

Here is something related to this topic

Apparently black holes are racist

Renee said...

Lujlp you ignorance of this issue is astounding. Do some research into the history of black women and the media and come back.

lujlp said...

Renee, fox news is a conservitve propogans machine with a history of argueing in court that lying to the public is not only legal but protected by the first amendment.

I am well aware of the history of racism. I am a student of history.

All I am saying is in this instance it is not skin color motivating the attacks it is her political affiliation.

Do some reserch on fox news and their history of lying at every term.

Do you recall when the Foley scandel broke? Fox news was brodcasting for nearly a day that the guy was a democrat.

I'll not deny that people are some times racist if you will admit that sometimes those who are assholes to people are assholes to people who happen to be black

Renee said...

@luljip I am well aware of the history of racism. I am a student of history.
If you are well aware then you should understand that race is the basis of their attacks. The characterizations of angry black woman, and licentious black woman are being thrown at Michelle and this is strictly based in the way that black women have historically been constructed in the western world.

The Times Observer said...

I have to agree with Lujlp here. I'm a journalist and I can tell you that FOX News is just doing a feature on Michelle Obama. In fact, other networks have done it too, not just FOX. It's not fair to blast one and ignore the others.

However, it has nothing to do with race. It's all politics. If McCain's wife said some of the things that Michelle did, she would be featured in the news. In politics, it's fair game. Remember the feature stories on Kerry's wife in the last election? Same thing there. She said a few things and the press reported on it.

Not that I agree with it. Personally, I don't care much about the First Spouse. It's not as if they are going to be holding an elected position.

I mean, for awhile when Hillary was leading the polls, people were saying that Bill could be the First Husband. But I didn't care. It's not like he was going to be running the country again.

To me, the First Spouse stories are just another thing that takes away from the real issues.

Renee said...

There is no denying that other networks have unfairly picked on Michelle, however it was FOX that called her a baby MAMA and if that isn't racist I don't know what else is. They are attacking her because she is in a potential position of power however the tool of attack is racism.

The Times Observer said...

Well, I do agree with you about that the "Obama's Baby Mama" thing. That was uncalled for and something that I don't agree with. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

However, what real power does First Lady or Spouse have? None really.

Renee said...

Some first ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan or Hilary Clinton have had a tremendous influence. Even the ones that aren't openly political still have the oppoturnity to whisper in the ear of their husband, it is ridiculous to believe that the POTUS does not turn to his wife for support. Beyond that the social discipline of Michelle Obama also serves to remind black women at large exactly where we stand in this society.

The Times Observer said...

Well, influence is one thing, elected power is another.

Renee said...

and sometimes the greatest forces are those that we do not see...

The Times Observer said...

True, but at the end of the day, we're not electing the candidate's spouse, we're electing the candidate whom we believe will be running the country.

Let's face it, no one hires a guy and hopes his wife will give him good advice on how to do his job.

Renee said...

Let's face it, no one hires a guy and hopes his wife will give him good advice on how to do his job.

Irregardless of what power Michelle may or may not have in the Oval Office Fox networks depictions of her are problematic to say the least.

The Times Observer said...
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The Times Observer said...

Sure they did and so did other networks. And those networks did the same thing with Kerry's wife in the last election. It had nothing to do with racism. These women simply said things that caught the attention of the people and the news.

Just like McCain's guy Gramm, when he said the nation was full of whiners. The media were all over Gramm and McCain. Was it because of their race? Of course not, it was just who they were and what they said. It's as simply as that and the same is true for Michelle Obama.

In fact, I've written a lot of editorials or columns on my blog to defend Obama from these trivial issues and told my readers to just pay attention to what he says or his voting record.

A candidate's wife shouldn't make or break him.

Stephen said...

I think this is outrageous and Fox News has been unfairly attacking Obama...We need to force Fox to change their bias reporting. I have a campaign that demands the immediate stopping of these attacks:

Renee said...

As far as an election issue I am not going to continue to argue Michelles importance. I will say to you that irregardless of her relevance to the campaign I certainly will not sit idly by and watch as a WOC is demeaned and attacked based on racism and sexism.