Friday, July 18, 2008

Link Love Friday


imageSmall announcement before we hit link love.  Starting next weekend Womanist Musings will begin conferring two new weekly awards. One will be the DICK award to the  MRA asshole of the week, and the second will be the Stepford Wife award to the collduer of the week  Please feel free to make your nominations for those that you feel have committed the greatest idiocy in the form of outright misogyny. Either respond in this thread or drop me an e-mail.  We all need to be aware of what the enemy is up to if we are to combat them. Consider this an open thread.. Shamelessly self promote or speak about what is on your mind.  I will get it started by throwing out some posts that caught my attention this week


Repeat After Me Not All Trans Women Are Prostitutes: Trans Griot

I get so sick of hearing the 'Black transwomen are hookers' shade. Every time one of my transsisters gets killed, in just about every story I read, the assumption is made that they are either hookers or if they had a prior arrest for it, it's played up in the story.

Identity and Living Into Truth: Don't Do That

But even if we refuse to own the blackness, or the whatever-ness, chances are high that sooner or later it will out. Some of us will bleach our skin, and straighten our hair and go under the knife so that our hips and thighs and noses and lips are not so offensively full. We will learn to modulate the tone of our voices and cultivate a manner of speaking that will make you wonder when you talk to us on the phone … so that we can get the job interview, but we know that when we show up the jig is up.

Admitting It: When A Woman Is A Rapist: James Landrith

She sternly warned me to "be quiet" and "not be forceful" and made it clear that she would accuse me of raping her if I tried to stop it. I was stunned to say the least and not sure how to respond. I could easily have thrown her off me and into next week, but I was not willing to risk harming her child or her to protect myself.  Further, I took her threat very, very seriously. She said it so easily that I doubt I was her first.

What If Whiteness Doesn't Do A Body Good?: Professor What If

What if we woke up to the fact that white is not right, that brown bread is healthier, that teeth naturally yellow, that white t-shirts are boring, that, for god/dess sake, a white anus is darn right unnatural and unnecessary? Whiteness doesn’t do a body good-what it does is confer white skin privilege-a privilege that allows those with white skin to walk through the world with many advantages through no actions of their own. But these privileges are not good in the entire scheme of things for white skinned people either because what they perpetuate is a racist, colorist world that harms everyone-white people included.

Talking To Men About Sexism: Jack Valentine

Essentialism is the view that specific entities necessarily have specific characteristics. We can detect essentialist notions informing a person’s reasoning when they say things like, “black people are loud,” “women are weak,” or “gay people are too sexual.” Essentialism is the root of all prejudice, and it is problematic because it offers gross oversimplifications based on insufficient evidence while totally ignoring systemic factors.


lujlp said...

DICK award thats cute, but heres the thing renee, I dont feel shame simply because yu want me to. So that tactic wont work in trying to shut me up.

Also, I have asked you more than five times now for the source of some statistics you posted back in May.

I quote ""Ninety percent of girls reported experiencing sexual harassment at least once. Specifically, 67 percent of girls reported receiving unwanted romantic attention, 62 percent were exposed to demeaning gender-related comments, 58 percent were teased because of their appearance, 52 percent received unwanted physical contact and 25 percent were bullied or threatened with harm by a male. 52 percent of girls also reported receiving discouraging gender-based comments on the math, science and computer abilities, usually from male peers, and 76 percent of girls reported sexist comments on their athletic abilities, again predominantly from male peers."

What was your soucre for theses statistics, because the link you provided only showed 3 of the 7 in your post.

And given we have no idea what questions were asked how are we to take them seriously?

Renee said... patience is just about done with you. The study was linked, and listed go and pay for it yourself. Secondly it is arrogant of you to assume that you are the MRA in question I have devoted exactly zero minutes ruminating on the lunacy that you deem fit to call logic. I will not engage with you. You cannot even admit that patriarchy exists and your one sided redundant commentary is not only tiresome it is often ill informed. Because I believe that even idiots have the right to free speech I will continue to allow your commentary. Though if you really have something to say I wonder why it is you feel the need to hang around feminist blogs, perhaps you don't have the courage to start your own, acknowledging deep down that your point of view is not valid enough to share with thinking people. At any rate blather on to your audience of one.

OTM said...

That piece from James Landrith is intense and I am really struggling to understand how I feel about it. I look forward to some discussion of it.

Renee said...

I know OTM I had to read it twice. Really it was something that I never really conceived up happening but yes he would feel used and abused. I guess I never thought of a man as raped in this way because I had always assumed that an erection was something that would indicate a desire for sex. It certainly challenges my assumptions.

lujlp said...

I cant admit a patriarchy exists soley for the reason that one does not exist. Their is no system set in place to benift men soley at the expense of women. If there were there would be no domestic violence laws, the homeless would not be primarily composed of men and the majority of tax dollars would not be spentmainly on women.

You say you have spent exactly no time reading anything I have written, if that is true then how would you know it is lunacy?

You say my comentary is ill informed yet on your recent post on the meanings of wedding traditions it was in fact you that was misinformed, but given you didnt read what I had written I can see how you would assume I was wrong.

I alos find it telling that you would rather I didnt post here, as that is you wish this will be my last post.

However, I find it disturbing to say the least that you find dissenting opinions so threatening, after all if you are unable to defend you postiton against my questions(which you have not done to date) how czn you postions be valid?

I just posted that aside for my bizzare point of veiw in which all men are wrong of something I tend to agree with your posts on other subjects - but as we can see that isnt good enough is it?

You say you started this blog because you dont like where the self proclaimed leaders of feminism are taking it. How iconic is it that you have fallen victime to hteir greatest flaw - the expectation of complete and total acquiescence to your way of thinking?

Hopefully one day you will be strong enough to take criticism and be able to engage those who dont agree with you and see it as a learning experiance and not as an opportunity to ignore and villify those with a different world veiw.

Until then adieu

Renee said...

One MRA down!

Danny said...

I guess I never thought of a man as raped in this way because I had always assumed that an erection was something that would indicate a desire for sex.

A common misconception indeed. Its same as, "If a woman achieves orgasm while being raped does that mean deep down she really wanted it?" Obviously orgasm has nothing to do with consent. What bothers me is the fact that he was treated so harshly by men and women when he told his story.

OTM you say you look forward to discussion. Care to start?