A World Without Feminism.

It is common to hear many women today say I am not a feminist or anything but…I think that we are suffering from a form of collective amnesia about what the world before feminism was like.  Pay close attention colluders.  Every time you say I am not a feminist, you are denying things like battered womens shelters, the right to vote, rape counselling, and equal pay for equal work. Which one of these benefits do you want to give back?  It may not be “cool” these days to say that you are feminist, but it is even less cool to embrace a world where women are considered less than.  It is less than cool to say okay marginalize me, exploit me, I don’t mind playing the “little woman”.  Keep decrying feminism, and one day colluders you might truly get the world that you speak of.

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These images are meant to shock you out of the anaesthetized zombie state that you are living in.  This is the world that awaits women should feminism ever cease to be a political action for equality between the sexes.  The MRA would like you to forget this time, they would love us all to think that supporting men does not mean a return to this.  Don’t be fooled.  This is what the MRA’S  and fundies have in store for you when they speak of a return to family values, and the natural gender roles of men and women.  Remember that for men performing gender means assertiveness, leadership, and power, whereas for women it entails submission, isolation in the home, marginalization, and sexual service.

At some point self preservation has got to kick in, and you colluders are just going to have to recognize that denying feminism is counter to your needs and interests.  I know that you have been told that thinking and actually using your pretty little brain is unfeminine, but trust me as a vagina bearing woman nothing is more “unfeminine” than waking up one day and figuring out that women don’t matter, and you have done nothing to rectify this.  Crying salty and bitter tears after the fact does nothing to help the cause.

If you are afraid to walk alone at night, if you have been passed over once again for a job, if you find that you cannot finish a sentence without some man interrupting you (cause you know they only have important things to say) then feminism is for you.  Colluders you can either get on the train for equality and justice or you continue to live the life of a defeated, dismal, pathetic victim. Feminism is for you, in fact it is for everyone who wants to make the world a better place.

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