Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clintons 4 McCain

The message here is don't vote for a dirty Muslim, he's not like you. White people don't get educated in places like Indonesia.  He's not really an American despite being born here and living here most of his life.  What kind of message are we sending to the world if we let one of those people rule over us.  This is the land of milk, honey and white privilege. 

Just ignore that boys impressive resume. He probably got some breaks because of that reverse racist affirmative action program. Ivy league schools have to let a few of the darkies graduate to keep the liberal wingnuts off their backs.  What are you people even thinking about, not only is he  a sambo, he might even be a Muslim.  That's two strikes right there.  White entitled people of America I implore you to remember who the hard workers in this society are. By electing him president you are throwing away your hard earned privileges. Think about your ancestors.  Do you believe it was easy for them to enslave a whole race of people, damn near complete a genocide of Native Peoples while stealing land, intern Japanese in camps, perform public lynching's during picnics, beat and brutalize children protesting for civil rights with batons, water hoses, and dogs?  Think of the precious wood that was used to burn crosses on front lawns that will have gone to waste if the country decides that a boy black man is fit to be president.  This all could have been avoided if you had gotten over your sexism and chosen Hillary. 

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mzbitca said...

Renee I think that blog just made me snap. There are certain blogs that I already have t avoid because the minute they even suspect support of Obama you get yelled at about "THE SEXISM!" and dont tell them to get over it and i have just about fucking had it up to here. I just saw a post on a blog bitching about us celebrating Michele Obama cause she didn't do anything, she's just trying to be the first lady....ummmmm last time I checked Clinton was a first lady

ugggh fuck this just pisses me off

mzbitca said...

and I mean video not blog for my first statement

lyndorr said...

Wow, that is scary. I can't believe how blatantly against Muslims people are. They don't think a Muslim could be qualified to run America?? Wow.

frau sally benz said...

I was just commenting over at Girl w/Pen about the fact that race is still a huge issue, and that people believe all kinds of crazy things about Obama. Thanks for proving my point quite well by sharing this.

People wonder why Michelle had to spend so much time coming across as "just like you." Here's why.

Mekhismom said...

What pure d ignorance. Ugh, I can see where all of this is going. Please Lord protect that family.

Roxie said...

I'm kind of surprised he held on to her comment and wouldn't let it slide.

Although the better thing to have done would've to ask "AND WHY IS HIM BEING MUSLIM A PROBLEM?!"

SororAnna said...

I second the kudos to Chris Matthews. I agree with Roxie that it would have been nice if he had challenged their racism. What does attending a Muslim school have to do with qualification to be President?

I really hope the Clintons tell them to stop using their name--I can't imagine either of them wanting to be openly associated with this garbage.

pizzadiavola said...

I'm commenting here rather than in the original thread as per Melissa's request to not rehash the voting argument again there.

Just to be clear, I find the blatantly racist, xenophobic, and anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by the people in the vid disgusting. However, I disagree with your blanket description of "Clinton fans" as all like them, because not all Clinton fans are, and I dislike the implication that people should refrain from criticizing Obama. IMO, criticism (of a valid, reasoned sort, not the hatred that the second person in that clip is spewing) is necessary because otherwise, there's no way to hold political officials accountable.

I'm really puzzled by your comment about threatening to abstain or vote for McCain. I've never expressed the desire to do either and every time someone accuses pro-Clinton Shakers of that in the threads, commentors generally speak up saying that they're not planning to do any such thing. There are people who are planning to abstain and there are people who are planning to vote for McCain, but those aren't the only choices and I'm surprised that you would repeat that meme.

Unless you are actively involved in a movement from below, then you must participate in the system as it exists. A failure to act period, is more damaging to women over all.

Who is threatening to abstain? I'm not and neither did anyone else in that thread.

pizzadiavola said...

Following up on the criticism thing: how is it possible to achieve change and get political officials to do progressive work without criticizing them in areas where they are lacking? Not criticizing them settles for whatever they're willing to give us.

Renee said...


I am not accusing all Clinton supporters of refusing to vote however you must have heard that there are those that are threatening this. I am further not saying that Obama should be free of criticism. Every single politician should be questioned. What I am saying is that at the end of the day not supporting Obama means electing Mccain and clearly that wingnut is anti-woman.

pizzadiavola said...

you must have heard that there are those that are threatening this.

Yes, I have. However, while they exist, they're not representative of all Clinton supporters and the way you wrote your original comments didn't draw that distinction.

not supporting Obama means electing Mccain

That dichotomy (if you're not for Obama, you abet McCain) is one aspect of the winner-take-all voting system and the Electoral College, but that's not true in every state and it's not true unless you ascribe to a system where politicians are owed votes and every vote that Obama doesn't receive is one that's somehow taken away from him, one that he deserved/was owed to begin with.

IMO, the people who are responsible for a McCain victory are the people who vote for him, campaign for him, support him, and donate for him. The "spoilers" - people who vote for third party candidates, people who write in, people who don't vote the presidential ticket but vote downticket - are less influential than the people who vote for McCain and the people who don't vote at all. If Obama wants me to vote for him, he needs to earn my vote; I don't owe it to him. And given my particular political situation (a state that will without a doubt go for the Democratic candidate), voting for a progressive third party candidate can be a means of working in/out-side of the two party system as it currently stands; by expressing support for a progressive candidate and platform, it shows that there is support for progressives and that the running rightward isn't the Dems' only option for winning votes. If I lived in a swing state, I'd have a much more difficult time deciding and probably wouldn't be able to make up my mind until actually in the voting booth.

clearly that wingnut is anti-woman.

No disagreement there!

Donna said...

Pizza Diavola, The only problem I see with "earning" Clinton voters is that there are so many dead set against him that nothing he does is right. The only way some of them would be happy is if he kissed her ass and bowed out of the contest and gave her the nomination.

It might be that the MSM ginned up the controversy by only interviewing the hardline anti-Obama whackjobs, but it helped to set some who were merely upset that Clinton lost against Obama. I think that is why instead of running hard to earn their votes, he is running hard to earn the votes of independents and liberal/centrist leaning Republicans, as well as hold together the coalition of Obama primary voters. He learned he has little to no chance of pleasing the Clinton supporters but does with the independents/centrists.

Ashley said...

Well, personally, I voted for Obama in the primary and his recent shenanigans (FISA, faith based initiatives, Biden) have lost my vote. The man has 2 months to earn it back, and here's hoping he does.

I won't vote for McCain, ever, but I may write in someone else or vote 3rd party. Obama isn't owed my vote; he has to earn it.

Monica Roberts said...

Repeat after me...Obama is a CHRISTIAN

If I see somebody else repeat that conservalie again I'm gonna scream.

claire newcastle said...

I really don't think those two women ever supported Clinton. That doesn't excuse them, they're obviously total assholes, but they're not the kind of assholes you think they are.

I'm convinced that the loudest and rudest of the Clinton women for McCain crew are ringers. Simple as that.

I know there are Clinton supporters who are still upset about the outcome of the election. I disagree with them, but I get where they're coming from. But I also know that most of these women have an allegiance to the Democratic Party, regardless of whether they feel let down or betrayed. They're not going to jump ship. They might grumble, they might yell, they might threaten to not vote, but they will NOT cast a ballot for a Republican. No way.