Friday, August 29, 2008

Code Pink Protestor Faces Police Brutality

H/T Feministing

No matter what you think of Code Pink and their activism, this woman did not deserve to be called a bitch and summarily thrown to the ground.  Watching the coverage of the DNC convention one would never believe that this kind of social protest occurred, and yet as this video and this story made clear, all was not peace and love. Social activism is part of a proud American tradition.  Stifling descent no matter how disagreeable is the surest path to fascism.


Ed said...

Apparently she hit him with her bag just beforehand. Not that his response was justified, but provoking police is not a good idea.

Renee said...

In did not see her hit him with her bag.

Kgraham said...

You've raised my curiosity now - I'll have to dig up a few news stories on this one!

LaFajita said...

No, she did not hit him with her bag. He hit her with his baton - for the third time. The assault you see in the video is the fourth time he hits her, and no, he did not "shove" her. He did his angry best to clock her. The only thing that saved her from the full force of his blow was the fact that she was badly off balance. It was bad enough as it was.

All this enraged bully was thinking about was beating down the little girl with the silly pink crown. When he realized what an ass he'd just made of himself, he then arrested her to provide cover for his crime.

To provide some context:

The Recreate '68 group was holding a rally in the park (had a permit). A religious fundamentalist group (bullhorn, no permit) set up their own rally, and were being loudly disruptive of the R'68 rally. R'68 responded with their own counterprotest, then attempted to lodge a complaint with DPD on the scene (were they ever!) and naturally they arrested - falsely - the guy who had a permit, Carlo Garcia.

The little girl with the silly pink crown (her name is Alicia Forrest) was photographing the arrest and inquiring as to the charge against him and where they were taking him - people DO get lost in the justice system - when this guy starts poking her with his baton - twice - and tells her to back off. Apparently she didn't back off fast enough, so the cop struck her across the chest - hard! this is what drew the attention of the cameras. Alicia (whose father is a police officer, so she knows better than most just what a cop can and cannot do) told him to "F****in' do that again!", when the cop (his name is Mr. Scott Stewart, I doubt that he'll be Off. Scott Stewart much longer) completely lost his temper and bashed her to the pavement.

The gap in the video is app. 10 minutes of Alicia lying on the ground recovering herself, but it misses the part where Stewart starts poking at her while she's attempting to conduct an on-camera interview. Then, realizing the legal and civil jeapardy he's in, he roughly arrests her.

She was released form jail that evening with welts and bruises and a sore back. Undaunted, she made it to the concert and Veterans march the next day. She will be up in Minneapolis next week, still a little girl with a silly pink crown, defending our right to disagree with our government as best she can.

The ACLU is defending her against Stewart's phonied-up charge of Interference, and anticipates pusueing Stewart throught the criminal and civil courts. To learn more about this case Google "Alicie Forrest Arrest update".

I know Alicia, and I am proud to call her my friend. I don't know Mr. Stewart, and I don't think I want to.

Christina said...

LaFajita, thanks for providing computer is older, the video was blurry and I couldn't tell what was going on...