Monday, August 25, 2008

Target Women: The Chick Flick

Okay still totally girl crushing on Sarah.


whatsername said...

That's hilarious, I was thinking how many of those types of movies Colin Firth was in, too. He's usually in the better ones tho...

Maria said...

COLIN FIRTH! lol....I probably will see Poppy.
IF I get it as a screening (I see lots of screenings)

Maria said...


have wondered what you would think about MTV's new "reality" show "Exile"

Where they send some of the spoiled kids from "Super Sweet Sixteen" and send them to remote place in the world FOR A WHOLE WEEK! To have them learn....something.

Ashley said...

Hah! I totally saw the Colin Firth joke coming.

In related silliness, the Anglo-Saxon word for pride is collenferth, pronounced exactly as everyone's favorite Mr. Darcy.

My Old English class had fun when we stumbled on that one in the dictionary.

cyn said...

Hahahha. That's quite interesting, Ashley. Collenferth, collenferth, collenferth and collenferth.

Sarah is so unbelievably awesome. But I miss the whole "cool, fun, dry, clean, underpants" intro.