Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bossip Displays Sexism: Sarah Palin Is Not A Ho

Ho Sit Down Is the caption for the following photo at Bossip


“Hockey Mom” Sarah Palin spoke at the RNC last night and got a bit out of pocket in regards to our boy Barack. In case you missed this broad’s speech".....Bossip

Here we go again. I understand that Bossip has endorsed Barack Obama but refering to Palin as a ho and a broad is sexist, and patently wrong. I doubt the candidate for whom you have thrown your support would appreciate such language on his behalf.  It is further an affront to every single woman.  It is the social disciplining of women. How dare she have an opinion that you disagree with. Palin just hasn't learned that women are to be seen and not heard.

I am taking this opportunity to point out obvious sexism aimed at Sarah Palin.  I do not endorse her politics in any way shape or form.  I simply believe that the woman should be critiqued based on the issues.



zobabe73 said...

I agree. I would also be equally disturbed by any photo of a male candidate grinning maniacally and brandishing a rifle while wearing an American flag swimsuit.


Petra said...

I agree and think the sexism is uncalled for. I also do not endorse her in any way, and I think that her daughter's personal life should not have anything to do with her candidacy either. said...

The photo is fake ofcourse.

I'm in agreement here. I am voting for McCain/Palin, but I don't really care who I vote for. Each candidate deserves to be treated as a human. I couldn't believe the things they were saying about Hilary and how they were being said. Michelle Obama has been hounded ridiculously, so much so I thought someone would be embarrassed. Doesn't seem it's an issue. She's a beautiful, loving caring person far as I can see.

I guess I just won't understand folks, and I think that's okay. ;)

It's interesting that I wrote a post on some of the players in the Election ~ and all in a positive way ~ 'cause that's how I see them. All of them.

Not one comment.

Is it really the case that folks only want to talk negatively? :-(

Thanks for the information. ;)

Oh, the real photo and info is here: