Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carnival of Feminists

The most recent Carnival of  Feminists is up at Green Garbo.

Here's just a taste of what's inside:

  1. Owning privilege is not about feeling ashamed, it is about acknowledging the benefits that one receives without having to work for them.
  2. And now today an excited colleague announced that he had just discovered this totally new concept on the internet: white privilege! Even though I've been teaching the idea for over a decade, and it's even discussed in our textbook, it was news to him.
  3. Not a lesbian, not homosexual, but 'gay' with such venom I swear her eyes turned red, smoke came charging out of her ears and she was probably trying to get god to strike me down to hell where I stood.
  4. Given that, one would have to wonder, what would a chimp do with human breasts?
Go and check it out. There are definitely some very interesting posts in this one.

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