Friday, September 26, 2008

Louisiana state Rep. John LaBruzzo: These People Are The Problem

Well he announced a plan for voluntary sterilizations and then claimed it had nothing to do with race, so who are these people supposed to be? Considering that he referenced hurricane Katrina, wherein those most adversely effected were POC, I am guessing that these people stands for the darkies. 

POC are to blame for poverty, and not the white supremacist state.  This this idiot wants to be recognized for having the courage to speak out about illegal aliens taking American jobs.  I wonder where he gets his sheets laundered?

H/T Feministing


Ms. Feasance said...

What an unmitigated ass. On the flip side of the issue, I take anticonvulsants, which means the birth control pill won't work for me. I have begged gynecologists to tie my tubes or give me an IUD; but they've assured me that the sheer cuteness of babies will change my mind someday. Will this guy pay me $1000 and tie my tubes? No, because of the racial and class privilege society grants me.

I hate the world some days, I really do.

Mireille said...

My god, the privilege... "I'm rich, so anyone can do it! Those lazy brown people." Doesn't matter that they were born 10 feet from home plate; they just can't see it. It just makes my head hurt. I think social conservatives have a mental disorder. Can we try to get that into the next DSM?

pizzadiavola said...

Why is CNN giving him airtime? He's said that he doesn't have any evidence supporting his moronic views, so he's just pushing an eugenicist agenda out of racism, and they're helping him do that.

Jack Valentine said...

lol @ Mireille... DSM-V is going to be messed up, and I say that with love for the field.

@ pizzadiavola, cuz CNN is racist...

I want to say things like, somebody should off this ignorant fuckhead, but he's just hate's avatar... more indicative than emblematic... still, I'd like to kick his crotch.