Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money Gift Wrap

Edwina Rogers, the wife of Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers wraps her gifts in money.  

As I watched her gift wrap this little package all that I could think to myself is, here is a woman that has never known what it is to be hungry. This is a disgusting display of wealth when so many have so little.  As I saw the scissors slip through the 1 dollar bill I could not help but the think of the labourers earning less than that a day in sweat shops so that the Western world can have cheap products. 

Of course she thinks that this waste is cute.  When you don't have to worry about your next meal, or where you are going to sleep, one dollar seems unimp0rtant.  For as long as we continue to worship money over people, a dollar can never be considered insignificant.

The money that she spent wrapping those two gifts could have been given as a micro business loan allowing other women to achieve independence. It could have been donated to Planned Parenthood, Children Of The Night, or Habitat For Humanity. There are countless charities that are daily working to improve the lives of others and the best use this woman could find for a dollar was to use it as wrapping paper.

I hope the day will never come when she will wish for every single dollar that she callously cut in half.  I hope the day will never come when the pangs of hunger rack her stomach, or the wind streaks through her body because she has no shelter from the cold.  If that day were to ever arrive she would be ill prepared to deal with the social malaise of the people just like herself who she would need the aid of.

Never underestimate the value of dollar.  It may seem like a small insignificant some but to others it represents food, shelter and safety from the harshness of the world.  Never estimate the value of dollar because when multiplied by like minded people it has the potential to do so much good.


AR said...

For all the opulence on display here, she isn't actually destroying any more real wealth than she would be by cutting paper intended for use in wrapping. She's merely transferred more of it from her to the Treasury than she would have from her to a retailer.

Indeed, considering the state of the dollar in the foreseeable future, wrapping paper will probably be as good a use as any for $1 bills soon enough.

Liz said...

To AR:

6.14 × 2.61 = 16.0254
16" - Approximate area of $1 bill.
1 sq. ft. has an area of 144"
144 / 16 = 9
1 sq. ft. of $1 bills is worth approximately $9. I have never seen wrapping paper that costs $9 a foot - maybe it exists, but it certainly isn't necessary to spend so much on gift wrap when you can find so much variety in the $1-5 /yard stuff. Most likely including some fake money printed gift wrap. The only reason for her to do that is so she can show off to people how much money she has. What a disgusting waste.

Ms. Feasance said...

Not to mention how much she must've spent on the paper itself:according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing store, it costs $55 to get $32 in ones as an uncut currency sheet, making the expenditure here even more of a huge "let them eat cake" on Mrs. Robbins' part.

AR said...

Yes, it is more expensive than regular wrapping paper, but only because she's destroying currency. Besides its value as fiat money, it's still just printed paper, and so consumes just about as much in resources as regular wrapping paper. Certainly, nowhere near as much as the amount of face-value she's destroying. The difference in value between the cost of the money and its face value is called seigniorage, and removing the bills from circulation essentially distributes the value from herself to anyone with holdings in dollars through deflation, albeit by a very small amount.

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

Excellent post Renee!

I was disgusted with how many shoes she had in the background. My personal philosophy is that excess is the demise of a nation and that true wealth is found in the spirit. Also, I live by simplicity. I am committed to contributing and donating my money to people, nonprofits and organizations if I am ever to be financially wealthy. There is no reason to live in any sort of excess. I believe in healing the problems that exist because of the excess in our nation. I do not wish to partake in this at all.

Say It With A Gift said...
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