Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Sex Dolls.

Once again for the record I am going to state that I do not support Sarah Palin or her positions. Though I have not dedicated myself to logging each and every incident of sexism that has been aimed at her, certain occurrences require a response.  I found the following link at Feministing and it is simply deplorable.

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Not only have they sexualized the governor, they have done so with the intent of making a profit.  The idea that no matter what a womans accomplishments are that she is always sexual is a direct result of patriarchy's desire to reduce women to fuckable holes. 

The obvious cliches of the naughty school girl and the superhero are meant to specifically create her as  a body that is meant to be fucked.  Over and over again she is referred to as the sexy school marm or the naughty librarian by the media, thus implying that her sexuality is just waiting to be released by the first happy dick that comes along.  It is no accident that males bodies are not perverted in this manner.

Don't listen to what she is saying, the important thing is that she has breasts and a vagina.  The cooption of the female from is not something that is specific to Palin, it occurs daily in various circumstances.  Whether it is the work uniform that is low cut to profit on womens breasts, or women being used as adornments to sell cars, the message is that women exist for the purposes of male pleasure.

This is yet another example of capitalism and patriarchy working as a team to ensure the second class citizenship of women.  Capitalism continually profits from the free labour of women while using  patriarchy as a mechanism of impoverishment.  This causes women to labour even harder in the service of subsistence.  No matter from what angle you look at this intersection what is clear is that men are the winners.  It is a vicious circle.  Women are not taken seriously because they are always sexually accessible bodies, thus women work harder for less pay to achieve some form of recognition causing the patriarchal bourgeoisie to gain even larger profits.  The sexualization of womens bodies ensures that women are hyper exploitable and for the sake of all of us who were born with the blessing and curse of a vagina we must take a stand.



Mountain Woman said...

Politics aside, why is it that strong women or women who are perceived to be strong must be reduced to objects?
When Hillary Clinton gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention, so many reports were of her pantsuit being an unflattering color.
There are surely more important issues in the world than whether we are sexy or wear the latest fashions.

mebelokon said...

Umm here's the thing. Sex Dolls are defined as "A sex doll (also love doll) is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation" Maybe I obsessing about the language here, but sex dolls have holes to fuck. As far as I can tell, this thing certainly does not. I guess though that by calling it a sex doll, as opposed to a sexist doll/action figure wouldn't drive traffic to the site.

Obviously it is sexist. I agree with you there. But the same site has Sexy Action Obama, Sexy Action Edwards and even sexy Action McCain (shudders). Are those dolls, of equally ridiculous proportions, equally as sexist? (It is interesting that Obama is the only one without a shirt though...)

Sid said...

It's Sarah Palin for Bob's sake. According to every man (and woman, for that matter) i've spoken to on the subject, she'd be in the top ten "people i'd never sexualise because it's creepy" list for most sane folk.

Come on. She's corrupt (supported that Airport Bridge for many years before she came out swinging against it), hypocritical (ditto), would put her "God" before reason (note many comments along these lines), uses her family as cheap stage assistants, even to the point of creating a media circus over her daughter's pregnancy, etc etc.

Of all the people that the hypothetical Male Sexualization and Rape Brigade are going to be drooling over and dreaming of violating, Sarah Palin is in about the bottom .00001 percent. If she's lucky.

Also, as other posters noted, there's also an Obama doll, a John Edwards doll, and a *wtf* McCain doll.

gzeuskraiste said...

Men are fantasizing about fucking a famous woman. Quick, find the hidden subtext!

thandiwen said...

interesting that original post refers to the vagina as a curse....

Anonymous said...

Honestly the website has a few more offensive to women... Say a plastic action figure of a pantyless Britney Spears flashing the world.

graham said...

why is a mccain doll so creepy? is it because of his age? ageist hypocrites.. of course old people don't have sex do they.

info said...

How about a real Sarah Palin Sex Doll
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Sarahcuda said...

One, even better: