Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shooting Cunts

image I knew there was a reason that I avoided video games.  Who sat down one day and decided that it would be exciting to turn a penis into a weapon that shoots and damages vaginas? Yeah that sounds like so much fun.  Of course there is not another version of the game where the vagina is roving around destroying penises...that simply cannot happen.  Every dick is a precious dick, and we simply cannot afford to even joke about damaging them, much less develop a game about that. 

To make it clear whose genitals matter the game is called Shooting Cunts.  Isn't that lovely and heart warming.  You don't have a vagina, and it is not the giver of life. No you have a cunt that can be reduced to a target for male pleasure. 

Why I am getting upset, it's just a game right.  It certainly does not reveal anything about the violence that women are subjected to on a daily basis.  It certainly does not support the idea that the penis is aggressive and dominant, while the vagina exists only for amusement and submission. 

It certainly is not problematic in any way shape or form to present disembodied genitalia.  There is not a thinking rational being in control of what is between our legs.  The penis cannot help but to be aggressive for that is its true nature.  A man is not responsible for what he does with his trigger happy dick,  just look at the ugly cunt, who wouldn't want to shoot that up? The entire purpose of this game is to kill the diseased cunt. That's right you win by taking as many shots into the vaginal opening as possible. It gives new meaning to the words he shoots, he scores doesn't it?

This fucking piece of crap enrages me almost beyond the point of coherence.  This is why I want nothing to do with the gaming industry.  They constantly put out shit that reifies the worst aspects of our culture.  So I say to the creators of this game, fuck you, and your dick as ultimate weapon game.

H/T Bitch Magazine


Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

This is absolutely terrible. We should start a petition to tell the makers of the game pull this game from the shelves and to stop making it overall.

I am so sickened by this, ick!

jgoreham said...

Ojibway, it isn't on shelves, as far as I can tell it's like a flash game or something on their website. Which is actually kind of worse, because like that, it isn't obligated to adhere to ESRB ratings so pretty much anybody on a computer can access it. If it were being sold, it'd be restricted and we could respond with the power of the dollar and not buy it, but it being free-to-play on the website is pretty irritating!

Stuff like this game discourages me so much. I love video games. I like playing with my friends, with strangers, I like talking about games with others. How can something that I enjoy so much as a hobby have junk like this as well out there? Just when I think gaming is moving ahead as a serious media, stuff like this pops up.

zyriana.com said...

Wow. I swear more and more things are coming out to the public that desensitizes everything about being human. Like the movies SAW - why is it okay to be able to sit through that movie and NOT be violently shaken? But folks are... they actually enjoy it.


zyriana.com said...

Anyway, I thumbed down on Stumble. At least they should have it protected for folks over 18 or something.

Pookie said...

I can't even form any words to say how much that repulses me, it's beyond disgusting, it's so much beyond the worst thing that I can think of that there isn't any word for it. And the fact that there will be men (and perhaps 'women' as well) who will laugh at it, without ever considering the fact that as someone's son, they were born of a vagina, they owe their very life to that thing that they are 'shooting' into....

Habladora said...

I saw screen shots that show blood and bullet holes as well. Scary. How anyone thinks that this is acceptable is beyond me.

miguel said...

man all you people have issues! "I'm so upset by this game that threatens my entire gender!". Maybe if you idiots used a braincell you could complain about the attrocious state of education in your part of the world (my god americans are idiots!), such an investigation may just root out the sort of purile upbringing that results in these kind of games. But no, lets just bitch, like all women know how...

Renee said...

Miguel because your commentary does not illicit a reasoned response FUCK YOU

Sid said...

By such subjective criticism, you are essentially committing the same logical fallacy which you are accusing this video game of.

First point: The game is known as 'Cunt', not 'Shooting Cunts'. Perhaps a trivial distinction, but if one cannot trust you to get even the name of the target of such vitriol correct, what hope does the gentle reader have for the rest of your subjective diatribe?

Point the second: Video games, like all art, are subjective. Think "Piss Christ" by Andreas Serrano. Not too many Christians were overly impressed, I don't think. Consider the novel "Lolita" by Nabokov. Remember the Danish Mohammed cartoons. Consider, for a brief moment, your own musings, many of which may be offensive to those of us with somewhat more balanced outlooks. Who are you, then, to suggest that you have some arbitrary right to censor such art? The whole point of such art is to challenge society's present sensibilities. Obviously, most such attempts fail, for this is the nature of the beast. Some succeed, and if this is so, it is only by consensus.

Point the third: Who in high hades gave a supposed 'womanist' the right to decide what is and isn't apropos viewing by a broader audience? Would you, then, censor all speech with which you disagree? How far would you go in defence of such ideals? Would you, upon reaching the point where you realise that you've become worse than that which you oppose, graciously back down? How much damage would have been done by this point?

No, the whole point of video games (as a subset,) and art itself (in a broader sense) is to be out there and to make people think in a possibly entertaining fashion. I spent thirty seconds playing this game and it bored me stupid. The shock value has been done before and done to death. This game says nothing new, says it in a not particularly exciting fashion, and you can imagine it was likely written by a pair of fifteen year olds in their basement. THIS DOES NOT INVALIDATE ITS RIGHT TO EXIST, and anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or trying to control you.


Hardware Bob said...

I might add just quickly that hating on the entire "gaming industry" is pretty pointless, it'd be like saying all books are bad, because you read one you didn't like. It's not like you can buy this sort of crap in gaming stores all over the country

sbobz said...

Dear Sid, your aggressive, domineering post is precisely what we have come to expect from a penis wielder. It does not deserve a response. I am going to listen to some Ani DiFranco and read some Andrea Dworkin and muse on the obsolescence of men.

jgoreham said...

Miguel and Sid, what I'm about to say, I say probably more as a gamer than as a feminist (only because I've been a gamer longer than I've affiliated myself with the feminist label, so it's stuff I really know how to talk about).

These kinds of games are no good for anybody.

These kinds of games hurt women by trivializing them in the eyes of the people who will invariably stumble across it (and I don't even really have a *problem* with this game existing- what I have a problem with is the distribution model. Anybody can access that game, as I mentioned before, because it doesn't need to comply with the ESRB or a like body). If all somebody played was games like this, they'd be so de-sensitized to the fact that women are people. It's so freaking weird to just reduce women to body parts, as has been done in this game.

These kinds of games hurt gaming, too. Gaming has long been thought of as a 'nerd' thing instead of an art (and I still don't think games are art, but it is a media format that's gaining steam and artistic merits) so the people gaming are already ostricized from others, we gamers have such a bad rep of being nerds in our parents' basements who get off on video game babes with big boobs and are desensitized to violence and nonsense like that... those against video games USE THIS KIND OF CONTENT to argue that video games are the downfall of today's society or youth or whatever (just as ages ago, people said the same of comic books). It's time for gaming to class it the fuck up so we can be taken seriously already.

This game offends me on two levels, as a woman and a gamer and both of my reasons for offense are valid, just as Renee's and my fellow commentators have every right to be offended too.

Oh, Miguel? "Maybe if you idiots used a braincell you could complain about the attrocious state of education in your part of the world (my god americans are idiots!)" By the way, perhaps if YOU could use a brain cel, you could apply some reading comprehension and see that Renee is Canadian, not American. Not all of us in the English-speaking world outside of Britain are American, thank you, and the state of American or Canadian schools is nought to do with this at all.

professorwhatif said...

"Of course there is not another version of the game where the vagina is roving around destroying penises...that simply cannot happen. Every dick is a precious dick, and we simply cannot afford to even joke about damaging them, much less develop a game about that."
You're right as far as I know, there is no penis shooting game. However, there is the great movie Teeth, which details the story of a female whose vagina has teeth with which to bite off the offending members of rapists, assaulters, etc. I wrote a review of it at my blog entitled "What if vaginas could bite back?"(at http://professorwhatif.
-teeth/--)it's a must see film!

Ah, if only vaginas did have teeth to deal with trolls like those spreading their sexist vitriol above!

Sid said...


I'm not arguing for a second that this kind of game is necessarily going to be in the best interests, short term, of necessarily anybody. It is, however, in the best interests of society in the long term to allow this kind of flash-in-the-pan to appear and then disappear with the minimum of undue fuss. It is, in fact, necessary for society's continued growth.

This line of thinking, in fact, is integral to the fundamental principle of any freed society: 'that which is not explicitly prohibited must be allowed.'

I'm not saying it's a fantastic video game (it's not). I'm not saying it's a wonderful expression of artistry (that is purely in the eye of the beholder, in my eyes, it's rather peurile.) All I'm saying is that in order for society to not become the scary mess which it's threatening to become, it's essential that people MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS on the FUNDAMENTAL MERITS of such art ON THEIR OWN, and don't have the decisions made for them.

Regarding your "class it the fuck up" comment, I'd suggest that there is no one entity which you can refer to as "gaming". Those who would lump all video game producers into one basket are not the sorts of people who are likely to ever appreciate the art which is video gaming on any serious level until they amend such an attitude.

It's worth noting that amongst other things i'm an independent video game developer and a card-carrying member of the FSF. As such, take my views with as many grains of salt as such implies.

cedar said...

"It is, however, in the best interests of society in the long term to allow this kind of flash-in-the-pan to appear and then disappear with the minimum of undue fuss."

Um, no. Violence against women and misogyny can hardly be characterised as a "flash in the pan" or some kind of trend that's bound to wear itself out if we just ignore it. if you can't see how this game underscores and reinforces attitudes that accept sexualised violence against women as "normal," then perhaps you need to STFU and start a do-over on Feminism 101. if you can see how this game contributes, perhaps you need to ask yourself why you feel so compelled to defend it.

Sid said...


> "Violence against women and misogyny can hardly be characterised as a "flash in the pan" or some kind of trend that's bound to wear itself out if we just ignore it."

You've misinterpreted me. I'm not suggesting, for a second, that mistreating women, or little girls, or big scary men is a good thing. Far from it.

What i'm suggesting is that ART is separate from LIFE and that we all need to HARDEN THE FUCK UP. We are all equal. All of us are going to suffer the strings and arrows of undue torment. We are bigger people because of it.

A lesson that you sorely need to learn in my opinion.


Renee said...

@SID of course from your position of male privilege you can advise women to toughen up. It is not your body that will be bloodied, bruised or broken. Falling back on this crap game as an example of art is a weak argument. There is nothing artistic about something that encourages gender specific violence. Art is meant to uplift us and challenge our way of viewing the world, not encourage the worst aspects of humanity.

Sid said...


Nobody's encouraging ANYTHING. That's the point. For every misogynistic video game out there, there are a thousand Tetris clones.

I'm not 'falling back on this crap game as an example of art'. I'm defending an unpopular position because SOMEBODY has to. Can you honestly not see how much worse society would be if your government pandered to your position and banned anything offensive? If not, I pity you.

Truth told, I'm of the mind that the invective which you spew forth from this blog is a hell of a lot more dangerous to society at large than any 2-bit flash video game. At least the juvenile morons who made this video game don't have designs on the rest of society.

Roxie said...

Oh my Lord, Sid, do you even HEAR YOURSELF SPEAK?!

Tetris doesn't encourage the opposite of misogyny!! It's just a puzzle game. In order for your comparison to be in anyway correct/logical, Tetris would need to have female-friendly feminist/womanist messages within it. Which is does not.

This is not art. NOT EVEN BY YOUR DEFINITION. It doesn't "challenge" a damn thing. It REINFORCES what we've already got going. It is a brick in a well established being--And the fact that you can't see that let's me know where you stand and what you won't fight for.

Hardware Bob said...

Way to miss the point. Sid clearly said nobody is encouraging it, and pointed out that people generally don't want to make this crap, and spend time making tetris clones instead.

also: art that reflects the status quo (paraphrased your opinions, not mine) isn't art? nice. Hitler would be proud

Roxie said...

You know when you mention Hitler in something completely not related to Hitler you lose, right?

Sid said...


According to Godwin's Law (formulated as the result of a conversation about Nazis which Mike Godwin et al had a good 20 years ago,) you can only kill a thread by mentioning Hitler, the Nazis or the Lolocaust IFF (and I suspect that the significance of the second 'f' is lost on you) the intention was NOT to mention the lolocaust in the first place. One cannot seek out to deliberatly Godwin a thread, and if such attempt occurs, a successful invocation of Godwin's Law has not occurred.

In this particular context, I'd suggest that Ol' Uncle Bob was endeavouring to be sarcastic, not paternalistic. As such,




Dan said...

Anyone who thinks this game was created as a misogynistic tool of any sort needs to realize how completely asinine the game itself is. If someone is threatened by vaginas or is very sexist, it isn't because of this damn game, that's for sure. Something needs to be a little... off... for someone to actually enjoy this game. If someone BECOMES misogynistic because of this game, then they probably had quite a few issues beforehand.

dggraphics said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian said...

Wow some of you are crazy! You honestly take offense to a joke flash game? Would you be all up in arms if the game was the opposite? Or would that be considered "ok" by you since it empowers women.

I will also only briefly mention that some of the characteristics of males that some of you have mentioned have been tied back to genetics, not really leaving males with much of a choice.

I have got to know what is next on your agenda...boycotting the animal planet because it shows a male seal dominating and slapping its female partner?

How about you think of it this way, the game is designed (per your comment) for the penis to shoot and destroy the "diseased cunt" as you put it.
I guess if you don't have a diseased cunt you shouldn't have anything to worry about right? Or are you trying to tell us something?

dedi said...

As someone who actually makes games we usually make something we would enjoy to play. If you don't enjoy it then don't play. Just like you would if it were a bad book or movie. Some people like it and they play it. If you don't then don't. If your goal with this post is to try and silence the person's creation I would have to take issue with that. As well, not liking an entire medium because a few games come across as sexist seems bizarre. There are plenty of non-gendered games that are great fun to play without the need to start lumping games into one category.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris

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