Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dirty, Sexy Cancer


I am officially ill.  Of all things to use sex to sell, raising awareness about breast cancer in this way is completely off the radar on the disgusting level.  Gee save the boobies, remember how nice they are to suckle.  This fails on an epic level.  How about donating to cancer research because it is a terrible disease that many have lost their lives to?  Naaah to much work, it is much easier to reduce women to their breasts and scare men into thinking that they might loose their favourite play things. This doesn't make me want to buy water, it makes me want to run holding on to my generous double D's screaming mine, mine, mine. I've got a mouthful for them, but unfortunately it is all filled with bile.

H/T Hoyden About Town


victoria said...

Ugh. Not to mention that this might be another case of "pinkwashing," in which a company "purports to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon campaign, but manufactures products that are linked to the disease."

see said...

Ugh! This is one thing I had about October and breast cancer awareness. That pink fucking ribbon is just meant to sell shit...I don't believe, after all the things I have read, that they do it to really try to cure breast cancer.

I get so irritated w/ all the "save the boobies" shirts, and the "free breast exam" people sitting out at the Komen three days w/ their hands poked through a sign. Breast cancer must be the sexiest disease ever the way it gets people all worked up. But where are the three day walks for cervical cancer? Doesn't that kill more women? What about ovarian? Or is it OK if a woman has to be gutted like a fish, but ceiling cat forbid she lose her breasts! It's disgusting.

Yeah, sex sells, but only if it's your playthings.

If these foundations cared about women they would be working to inform us about the homeo and herbal remedies that help, the anti-oxidant rich foods that prevent, and the studies that show that sunlight doesn't cause cancer, but helps prevent it. But, no, they choose to instead sell us toxic drugs and soup w/ pink ribbons on it.


Anonymous said...

RandomRabble has a good point - most of the breast cancer awareness campaigns are based on consumption, consumption, consumption. Buy a product, save a life. "Pink" products are invariably mass produced, disposable, petroleum-based, plastic-wrapped chemical cocktails. With a growing debate about the environmental causes of cancer that approach seems misguided at best. I'm not saying no-one should support breast cancer - it's a deadly, brutal disease and I'm sure companies like Mt. Franlin *mean* well. But it's hard not to be cynical when it turns into just another excuse to infantilise women (pink) and reduce us to our girly bits. For god's sake it's not about boobs, it's about cancer. Would a public awareness campaign about cirvical cancer have giant novelty cervixes plastered on billboards?

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

@ Victoria, this is pinkwashing indeed!

I always think all cancers are about how we treat the Earth and each other. Specifically for woman breast and cervical cancers are how we treat woman.

Coolreds Rant said...

Wonder what they would use to promote Prostrate Cancer awareness?

White Trash Academic said...

Same thing happened with going green. Buy more cause it's ok if the product is green. I do have to add that it took me to minute to understand the water = suckle...not enough coffee yet..

Danyell said...

Uuugh. I hate the companies prevent to care about a woman's disease, only because then can opening talk about breasts in their ads. So many people die from lung cancer ever year, but I guess that's not a sexy enough disease. Breast cancer isn't funny, it's not cute, it's not sexy. It's a horrible disease affecting thousand of women and it makes me want to friggin vomit that companies take advantage of that.

Anyone have any contact info these people? I need to give them a piece of my mind.

anne said...

My 17 year old son asked me about the "pink ribbon" campaign yesterday. He asked me why it addresses only breast cancer. He asked, "Don't woman get other types of cancer?"

I remember 30 years ago when the aim of the breast cancer awareness movement was to teach woman the importance of examining their breasts and getting mammograms. At the time, there was little or no money being spent on any disease research for woman's diseases.

The pink ribbon was a great idea, but over the years it has been commercialized and exploited until we are seeing the disease of breast cancer marketing sexy water bottles with pink lids.

We need to get back to basics, and remind a new generation of women to check their breasts, and to inform them about warning signs for cervical and ovarian cancer.