Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey Sarah Show The World Some Cleavage

BAKER: Did Sarah Palin change your mind? Now, we all remember, Sarah Palin will not be the president. But after watching that debate last night, I am certainly happier that, as the vice president, she's going to have John McCain's ear. I like that little wink to the crowd last night: "Oh, I'm going to try to turn him on that ANWR thing."

PERRY: That was a "come-hither" wink.

BAKER: Was it?

PERRY: Oh, yeah. That was one of those -- that was --


PERRY: 'Cause I think she was going all business upstairs and then she just went with the high heels for just a little "whoa, wow, hey" --

BAKER: She's always wearing some, ahem, pumps, if you catch my drift. And that's good. Why not?

PERRY: That's exactly what I called them this morning.

BAKER: Very -- you know what, but women do that.

PERRY: Yeah.

BAKER: I mean, come on. Why do women -- why do women have to turn it down? I think she shoulda had a ---

PERRY: I'm not saying she should have to.

BAKER: -- shoulda had a little cleavage going there.

PERRY: No, I just asked if you noticed --

BAKER: Distract Joe Biden a little bit.

PERRY: I didn't say she had to do anything. I just asked if you noticed.

BAKER: A little action. Show your stuff. You know what I'm saying? Use all your assets. Anyway, 65 -- by the way, I noticed a panty line on her.

Here we go again with the sexism.  Like it or not Sarah Palin is in the running for vice president and therefore she should be treated like any other candidate. This means critiquing the policies that she advocates, and assessing the veracity of her statements.  Reducing her to a fuckable object for the sake of entertainment is not a legitimate critique, it is sexist.  No one decided that it was cute to sit around after the debate and ponder whether Joe Biden was wearing boxers or briefs and therefore whatever Sarah has going on under her clothing is none of anyone's business.

There are plenty of things to critique Sarah Palin on; her pro life stance, creationism in schools, homophobia or even  having rape victims pay for their own rape kits.  Attacking her physical person in this way is not a critique, it is slut shaming and it diminishes all women.  I am speaking out on this issue not because I support a single thing that Sarah Palin stands for, but because I believe that this kind of sexism hurts all women.


Holly said...

What the fuck...That is just ridiculous.

amaterasu-no-ki said...

What else is new? But I feel like the Republicans selected her primarily for this reason. Her attractiveness and willingness to be a "Rules Girl" -- trotted out as the MILF -- distracts from her woeful ignorance about foreign policy and domestic problems. Everyone's more concerned with the fact that she has 5 children, wears peep-toe shoes and uses words like "gosh darn it" and drops her 'gs' than the fact that she can't name a newspaper that she reads and doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is.