Sunday, October 26, 2008

If Only Brandon McClelland Had Real Friends

This week the nation was busy paying attention to falsified attack of Ashley Todd.  Certainly the idea of a white woman claiming to be the victim of yet another attack by a vicious, savage, rapist black man is worth repeated mentioning on all the major networks. Even though from the very beginning her facts were nonsensical, the media could not help but jump on this story like sharks in a feeding frenzy. 

Today I learned of the death of  24-year-old Brandon McClelland. As I read about how he was dragged underneath a pickup truck in East Texas, for over 70 feet a sickness washed over me.  For three days along that stretch of road they were finding parts of his body.

His murder has not been declared a hate crime, because he was supposedly friends with the men that killed him.  Let me spell that out F-R-I-E-N-D-S. Now I don't know about you, but the people I call friends like to do things like share a cup of coffee, maybe go to a movie, or if we are feeling a little wild a dinner show, (we're old) but friends do not MURDER EACH OTHERKilling one party in the friendship usually ruins a relationship.  Does anyone else find it eerily chilling that the men that killed James Byrd claimed to be his "friends" as well.

The murder of McClelland is cause for true discussion about race and the ways in which it impacts our lives....A man is DEAD.  A white woman claims that her breast was fondled and immediately we start applying a racial lens.  Conversations initiated in this way keep white people at the centre of the story. It further makes it seem as though their privilege is difficult to live with rather than the systemic racism that blacks live with being difficult to bear.

It disgusts me that a lie should garner more attention, and more concern than the brutal slaying of a black man.  To be clear he was dragged 70 feet to his death and we are not talking about this.  It occurred in an area of the country that is well known for racial division and we are still not talking about it.  What is it going to take for people of colour to get justice in this life?  How long will our murders, and assaults be over looked.  The saying is that life is cheap but in this world I think a more accurate saying is that black lives are cheap.  Rest in peace Brandon, you deserve better than the hand the you were dealt.


whatsername said...

Holy FUCK. o.O

Ebony Intuition said...

This really makes me sick because as much as I don't want to say it or evision it but it seems like the era of when whites would lynch and tortute black people is coming back in effect .
R.I.P Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this book by the British journalist, Nick Davies: "White Lies: Rape, Murder and Justice Texas-Style."

One of the best, most readable indictments of institutional racism in this country, if a bit old (1980s case study, but still relevant).

What the hell is it about Texas, anyways, that makes it one of the worst states for the most egregious and horrifying examples of hate crimes and institutional racism in my totally awesome country?

RIP, Mr. McClelland. I am so sorry that nobody will pay attention to your death the way we have for missing pretty white girls and Ashley Todd.

- Very angry, proudly menopausal white woman

thewhatifgirl said...

I hate to admit that I am one of those people who didn't write about this. I read the article and tried to think of something to say, but I couldn't even grasp the whole thing. How could could they claim that these men were his friends?

Anonymous said...



The KKK is still rampant and alive in Texas ( as well as other part of the USA). Texas I believe is the headquarters.

Anonymous said...

This really makes me sick because as much as I don't want to say it or evision it but it seems like the era of when whites would lynch and tortute black people is coming back in effect .

Sometimes when I see how many racist groups there are in this country and how many people make bullshit excuses for it or just look the other way, I feel nauseous with the desperate fear that we will be swept backwards.

Let's not pretend it's just Texas, or just the South, this happens in our neighborhoods too.

What I can do is commit to not being passive when and where I see it, and learn all I can about doing more to end this.

I hold out that desperate hope that if we beat it back, that this time there will be permanent gains and the bigots will be too afraid to act until their irrelevancy is guaranteed.

--another angry white woman

Fidelbogen said...

I wonder how many other notable stories, of all kinds, never make the news. Quite a few, I'm sure. But whatever the numbers, you can be certain that ongoing mundane normality outweighs it by a zillion to one. Which naturally prompts enquiring minds to ask what IS normality, anyway? Is it the mass of humdrum occurrence not deemed newsworthy? Or is it those piquant splashes of "drama" which occasionally (or sometimes never) punctuate the tableau of our lives. . .?

Food for thought.