Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Macy's Makeover: Grab The Stilettos and Spread Your Legs

Macy's managed to get a few heavy hitters to appear in this social discipline fashion extravaganza.   In the 1:04 that this ad lasted, I was once again reminded to ignore the grey matter that resides in my head and focus on my valuable assets; tits, legs, vag and ass. 

Ultimately when a woman meets a man for the first time the first thing that she should make sure of is that he is aware of her physicality, because your relationship is going to be dependent on his sexual desire for you, and not on any kind of common interests or kinship.  Whether or not he is attractive is certainly not important, a heartbeat and a functioning dick will do. 

Hey, is it me or did anyone else watching this wonder what lesbians do when they have a date... oh I guess they either don't exist in the "real world", or are all considered too butch too be marketed to.  Nope, only the insecure real women that identify as heterosexual need watch.

Now that the body is suitably attired to make sure that the man in question notices the important things about you, it is time to get the shoes...OMG SHOEZ, cause a girl cannot "entertain" without the perfect pair of western footbinding; better not have to make a run for it. Yeah, with the perfect slut shoes you can be dangerously permissive. There is  no way that you could possibly assert your sexual desire in something comfortable.  Everyone knows that fumpy women don't actually get laid.

Then in the grand finale we get the scent....ahhh the animal inside is released. Smile pretty, arch your back and swivel your hips, 'cause you have a man to snare. 

If this commercial had been on even a second longer, I think that I would have been ill.  The whole woman snaring man, using her feminine whiles is so completely reductive and ridiculous.  It is more of the same gender discipline that the fashion industry engages in on a daily basis to encourage us to purchase clothing that we neither need, nor want.  Yeah, if you don't buy this years latest trend you won't be girly enough, despite the vag between your legs. 

'Woman' is not about what the individual believes it to be, but what society has constructed the gender to be.  These little innocuous commercials that we view without real thought are meant to discipline us into performing gender and supporting patriarchy.  If we are constantly thinking about what men think, we ignore our wants and our desires.  No matter how hot that little number looks on the rack, if you are buying it to please anyone other than yourself you're nothing but a colluding dupe.  Keep the vag happy, fuck on your own terms.


Queers United said...

The video isn't loading for me, maybe it is my connection. I'll try again later.

cchiovitti said...

I never got the whole "shoe" thing. I guess it's a good thing, though, I don't need to worry about spending too much on a closet full. That's probably the main reason I HATE the whole Sex in the City thing. Damn, for what they spend on ugly shoes we could feed half the planet. I like my cool, cheap Khussa or good boots that keep my feet dry.

Katie said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, frumpy women getting laid by expressing their sexual desire!

Katie said...

Yeah, if you don't buy this years latest trend you won't be girly enough, despite the vag between your legs.

I love, love, love, love, love this comment.

Maybe even more than the one I quoted on my blog.

I don't know. Tough choice.