MRA Glenn Sacks Applies Pressure To Domestic Violence Shelter Advertising

Well it should come as no surprise to anyone that Mr.Sacks (I won’t link to him) is  continuing on with his misogynistic attacks against women.  In his teeny little world, it is all about the penis, and if you don’t have one your story does not deserve to be told.  We certainly cannot have a world where women speak out against the violence and the oppression that they face at the hands of men, that would be far to threatening to patriarchy.

The Family Place domestic shelter paid $25,000 for 45 bus-side ads and 300 bus interior ads to appear on DART, the Dallas transit system.  Sacks and his minions have declared these ads offensive to men and fathers.  They have started a campaign to get the ads taken down.




Sacks is quoted as saying, “I think they should take the ads down,” Sacks said. “Domestic violence is still a problem that affects women more than men, but it affects them both. I can guarantee you if the genders were reversed, there is no way DART would have accepted those ads.”

Despite the complaints that Sacks has managed to rile up DART  has so far refused to capitulate and the ads will run until Nov 30.   Yes we should all feel pity for the fathers that beat their wives and children, who will daily be reminded that there is a cost to their actions.  Why should they have to face up to the fact that their acts of violence cause real and lasting damage?  If these ads seem ugly it is because it reveals the true darkness that is violence.

Society needs to be shocked out of its complacency when it comes to domestic violence.  We have normalized images in the mainstream media of women being beaten and brutalized.  We have justified male aggression by asserting that in some way that women are asking to be treated this way.  Enough is enough. If even one person is shocked into realizing that they need help, or a woman is empowered to leave an abusive relationship then these ads will have served their purpose.

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