Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take The Time To Vote

Okay fellow Timmy drinking Cannucks, today is our day.  This is just a reminder to take the time and vote.  There are some very important issues at stake and if you want to bitch later you have to vote.   We cannot let that pitbull in a sweater vest destroy our country.   At this point I am actually still undecided, but I do know who I do not want. 

At any rate if like me you are still undecided, take the time to read over the platform of ALL of the parties.  Don't fall for the rhetoric and just vote the facts. 


Most importantly think about what kind of Canada you want to live in. 


harrietsdaughter said...

Hey, Renee - make sure you folks get it right.... cuz a bunch of us want to come up there if things don't go our way in a couple of weeks.

Ebony Intuition said...

lol @ Harriets daughter.

I don't even know if people up here to the election seriously, I voted liberal, they lost ..

I called my friend and asked if she's voting she said "Obama's name is not on the ballot so no she most likely won't vote "lol

Renee said...

At least we did not end up with a conservative majority. I did vote NDP. I was waffling between the NDP and the Greenparty.

I think that it is sad that Cannucks are so caught up in American politics that they dont bother to vote here. If you are living in Canada what happens here is going to have an effect on your life and not voting says you don't give a damn.

I took both of my children with me yesterday when I went to vote because I wanted them to learn right from the beginning that this is part of their civic responsibility. It is especially important for POC to vote. Too many have paid a price for us to have the right for us to vote to decide that we dont care.

lyndorr said...

It was lowest voter turnout in our history. That makes me sad. Looking at the ridings, conservatives lost by little in a few so I am pretty grateful for what we got.

Meg said...

Green FTW! This was my first year voting, and it was a LOT easier than people make it out to be. I understand that some people are going to have difficulty getting out to vote, but all the other abstainers need a reality check. There's not much point in having a democracy if people don't vote. Not having candidates with entertainment value (unless you count Harper's early fashion mishaps) shouldn't matter. They aren't movie stars; they're the people who will be running our country for the next several years. :(

Renee said...

What made this so incredibly sad is that it was one of the worst voter turnouts in history. It has lead to the Conservatives picking up more seats. I believe that part of the reason that Cannucks are not more engaged is because they get blinded by the celebrity like campaign that is run in the states. On hand we want to be different but at the same time we want the hype. Either way, unless we start taking more interest in our politics we cannot complain when our rights get taken away.

Sarah St. Catherine said...

There was a lot of talk in my riding about voting strategically. I was torn between voting with my heart and splitting the ABC vote. Happily, the C's did not take my riding (though neither did my chosen candidate.) It's worrisome that, under "ideal" conditions, a party could get 49% of the Canadian popular vote, yet not hold a single seat in the House. Something is broken in this system.

Monica Roberts said...

I was shocked to hear the turnout numbers for this election. Usually I'm pointing north of the border and telling peeps here, "Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves, look at how many Canadians turned out to vote'"

As much as some people here gripe about us only having two major parties and think we need more, I'm of the opposite opinion.

Well, if the opposition gets its act together, maybe they can ride herd on Harper long enough for a strong challenger to emerge in tine for the next election.