Saturday, October 18, 2008

Using Proposition 8 To Teach Children Hate

When I came across this video at The Bilerico Project, I was horrified.  Teaching children to discriminate is exactly how we perpetuate bigotry and hatred in our society.  When a child is born they don't care what their guardian does sexually, they only wanted to be loved unconditionally.  It is adults that teach children that homosexuality is wrong.

Let's stop and think about what this message is.  Each day children see countless acts of violence and sexual imagery but somehow two people loving each other, building a life together is supposedly perverse. I'll tell you what is obscene, teaching children that love is wrong.  This no different than teaching children that someone is inferior because of their race, class, ability or gender. In my mind it is a form of child abuse.  A child comes into this world an empty vessel, and to fill that little person with hate shows not only a lack of respect for them as little people, but a lack of respect for humanity as a whole.

The parents that decided to create this video did not stop to think for one minute about how their children would feel if they grew up and were gay.  How will these children feel when they find out that they were used to promote a law that seeks to restrict their rights?  I am sure that having bigoted parents  is going to make it hard enough to make it though this world; without being saddled with the knowledge that they played a role in reducing the humanity of others.

I am not a perfect parent, no one is, but I am dedicated to expressing the value of humanity to my children.  The very first time my son "Destruction" used the word fag as a pejorative, his father and I sat him down and explained that 1) that language is not welcome in this house and 2) love is the most beautiful emotion that someone can feel.  It does not matter what form that love comes in, all that matters is that we can feel that way about another person.  As a parent it sickens me beyond words that children were used in this way. As parents we have a responsibility to do our very best by our children, and this includes not filling their head with blatant falsehood, negative social constructions, and outright lies.  Whatever lessons that we choose to pass on to the next generation should be based in love.


Anonymous said...

You want cold hard fact. You say prop 8 will not have an effect on teaching same sex marriage in school. I disagree completely with you on this issues. I would like you to look up the story of the Massachusetts father who was arrested because he would not leave his daughters school until he was informed when their school would be teaching about same sex marriage so he could remove his daughter when they taught this. The school said they did NOT have to inform him of when this would be taught because it was not topic that needed parental release. That is taking away the right of the parent to teach his child what he believes is right and granting that right to the government. You say this isn’t in proposition 8 but where does it stop. It wasn’t in Massachusetts law when passed but was ruled by the Massachusetts state that parents had no say. The Massachusetts Supreme Court would not hear the case, so therefore it stands as law. I will not stand by a Proposition that points in this directions. Furthermore I agree with you in that gay and lesbian individuals should have the same civil rights as married couples, but what I do not agree with is if gay marriage is passes then my religious leaders could get sued for not performing same sex weddings because it would be considered discrimination. This is violating their right of personal belief in their religion and the things their religion teaches. Supporters of no say “give non religious reasons” These are all non religious reasons of why I am a supporter to protecting traditional marriage.

Renee said...

I didn't say that it would not be taught in schools but I agree that it should. Teaching children that family comes in many forms is not going to effect their future sexuality and it increases tolerance. The only reason you could possibly disagree with homosexuality being taught is if you are a homophobe.

As for your religious leaders being sued for discimination, they should be. I love the way people try to use religion as a cover for their hate. Are you following the letter of the bible or do you just donate every Sunday to wash away your sins? Without getting into a deeper discussion, I am going to assume that you are christian as that is the dominate western religion and point out that most Christians sin on a daily basis. So how about you stop casting stones, move beyond your prejudice and start showing a little of the love that Jesus talked about.

Beppie said...

Religious institutions are not under any obligation to perform marriages that they do not agree with, regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple involved. For instance, my sister was not allowed to marry (a man) in a Catholic Church, because she would not fulfil the religious obligations for such a wedding.

The argument about what children might learn in schools is merely a cover for homophobia. There is no way that it could possibly hurt a child to learn that the law allows two people of the same sex to marry. Honestly, if you have a problem with the law being taught accurately in a public school, then not only are you a bigot, you also believe that your child does not deserve a proper education.

I think that most homophobes realise, deep down, that there is absolutely no good reason to deny same-sex couples their civil rights-- so they need to instill the bigotry in their children at a young age, before they develop the capacity to think freely and with an open mind.

AR said...

This sort of things is one of the reasons I favor smaller government. If the government wasn't involved in marriage in the first place, it could not possibly discriminate against different types of marriage.

Queers United said...

This video is so tragic, the kids don't even know what they are talking about. This video is child indoctrination which ultimately becomes child abuse especially if one of these kids grows up to be gay or lesbian. Plus their parents clearly have a misguided view, "if mom wants to be a man" um last I checked gay couples are a man and man or woman and woman, unless you are dealing with an issue of transgender identity which is completely separate from sexual orientation.

Ellie said...

Oh... my... god... that video left me shaking with a mix of anger, frustration, and deep sadness.

here-be-dragons said...

Here's a link to a video that is much nicer. It was put together by some local UU ministers (one of the ministers featured is a good friend of mine):

Sapphocrat said...

People like "Anonymous" (who apparently aren't quite so secure in their convictions that they're willing to identify themselves) have to rely on the Massachusetts school case, because there is no equivalent example in California. Massachusetts law is not California law. Massachusetts law does not influence California law. Massachusetts law has nothing to do with California law. But people like "Anonymous" (who wouldn't know what the California Education Code says if his life depended on it) don't want you to realize that. Without any basis in truth to rely on, they just keep regurgitating the same old deception and outright lies.

starblydsneetch said...

oh my goodness! i am so sad that things like that video exist. innocent children being whored like that.. it's revolting.

Angel H. said...

Child abuse...Plain and simple.

slanttruth said...

This is the most depressing thing that I've seen recently. And I thought I'd seen a lot of really depressing things lately.

SnowdropExplodes said...


That is taking away the right of the parent to teach his child what he believes is right and granting that right to the government.

Actually, it really isn't. A parent can teach her or his child whatever bigoted nonsense s/he likes in the privacy of their home. All the government wants is for the child to have the necessary information to make an informed decision.

fearlessleader said...

As I said to some jerk on a website the other day, these parents are just afraid---as they should be---that their kids will outgrow them and be embarrassed by them. As soon as those children figure out that gay people can be just as kind/smart/funny/cool as straight people, they're going to start doubting all the other bigoted bullshit their parents so desperately need them to believe.

Pizza Diavola said...

Anonymous, Massachusetts and California are different states. They have different laws regarding what materials can be taught in the classroom without parental permission, and California state law requires that parents must be informed and consent to their children learning about anything regarding sexuality and reproductive health. So don't worry--if your child's school does a unit on sexuality, you will have every right to pull them out of class for that afternoon so that they won't learn that love is love, whether it's between people of the same sex or people of the opposite sex. Frightening thought, innit?

cat said...

Oh my goodness. This is repulsive. Same sex civil partnerships are legal in Scotland, UK and that is a positive thing too. I was a witness at a civil partnership last month, my friend's father was the other witness. The 10 year old daughter of one of the women was the bridesmaid and her 8 year old son was the ring bearer. The children have told me that they are the luckiest children in the world to have a mum and a step mum, having two mums is twice as good as having one mum. They are happy children, their biggest issue however is homophobic bullying! Children who are taught to hate make things harder for them. This is the worst campaigning video I have ever seen - shame on the people who made it!

Anonymous said...

It's not even an artistically good song. Is it that hard to come up with rhyming couplets of hate to the Barney tune? Here, let me help:

We need help, get it straight,
Yes on Proposition 8
'Cause my mom should be a woman
and my dad should be a man,
For our children take a stand.

That took me 30 seconds. Why are these idiots always the ones that want to homeschool?

Anonymous, check the link below for a point-by-point rebuttal of the thing you've obviously been hearing in church. It's by a lawyer, who might be marginally more qualified to opine on law than your pastor.

Anonymous said...

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