Monday, October 27, 2008

Where Is D.L Hughley's Mute Button


Yes, I tortured myself and watched this fool on CNNI went into it with really low expectations and found that Hughley managed to fall below the already low bar that I had set for him.  Just listening to his opening monologue where he engaged in ridiculous stereotypes to infer that Obama isn't "black enough" was torturous. Guess what DL, unlike yourself some black people are educated and even articulate...oops, I should not use big words and Hughley in the same sentence.

I personally would like to know what CNN was thinking giving this fool his own show.  Did they think that black people would be thrilled to hear him say that white people need to learn the black shopping habit of layaway, as he reminded us all that he makes more than 250K a year?  Did they think that we needed yet another portrayal of a black man as a pimp, to help grow our cultural self esteem?

They go on and on about McCain not vetting Palin, but clearly they did not learn from his mistake, as no one vetted Hughley. Hey D.L, if you are the only one laughing and you have a live study audience, that is a huge indicator that you are not funny. I suspect that the next mystery to be decoded is if he will last longer than Chevy Chase did when they gave him his own show.

CNN I have to say that I am shocked.  I thought that only FOX would hire a man that makes a living pushing racist social constructions and making sexist commentary.  It must be CNN's new agenda to attract  a self loathing, internalized racist, shuck and jive dancing, chicken wing eating, watermelon sucking group of people.   In a time when African Americans are daily being assaulted by racism, putting a black man on television that affirms these constructions only bolsters the claims that we are not capable of participating in a serious way in the global arena.

With all of the intelligent black men living in the U.S, other than maintaining white hegemony I fail to see what purpose putting Hughley on the air at such a critical time could serve.  There are no other CNN personalities with Hughleys educational background; and therefore his sudden appearance on air smacks of pandering to the "fringe" element that support McCain who are traditionally viewers of networks like FOX.

I have already given this man more space than he is deserving of.  It is my hope that before Hughley can inflict significant damage on black reporters, entertainers, intelligentsia, and politicians, someone will have the good sense to hit the mute button.  If the only thing that he could get right in the hour that they gave him to blather on, is that he and Palin are on the same intellectual level when it comes to political discourse; it should only be a matter of time before we start seeing Hughley sketches on SNL. 



Joshie said...

Lighten up. The line between news and entertainment has been blurred more and more year after year. I don't take Hughley that seriously. Think of him more as a Bill Maher type than another Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

I think that the viewers need to make their opinions known at CNN!

Jonathan Klein
1 CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-827-1700
Fax: 404-827-1099


Susan Bunda
Executive Vice President of Content Development


Bart Feder
Senior Vice President of Current Programming

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Lindsay said...

I wasn't sure why he keeps making front page news and I haven't had the time to watch, but after your commentary, I don't think I'll be finding the time either. I've only seen him on Studio 60 and I always thought he acted intelligently, but then again, someone was writing his words for him. It seems too often actors have trouble separating the character from the real world, and maybe Hughley is a victim of that.

Sandalstraps said...


That's basically what I was going to write. His character on Studio 60 challenged the very form of comedy that his new show is offering. It would be easy, however, to note that someone else was writing his words. I suspect that the tension between the two positions - that of Simon Stiles as played by DL Hughley and that of DL Hughley on CNN - is both deeper and more real than that. Hughley, after all, not only acted on Studio 60; he was also a consultant, and even did some writing. The Simon Stiles character thus must have contained some of his own voice.

Yet now the character he plays as himself on CNN is the very character he mocked as Simon Stiles on Studio 60; the self-hating misogynist who traffics in and profits from the cheapest, most demeaning forms of comedy.

Anonymous said...

hummm...I saw the commercials and even then it didnt look too appealing. I would love for them to come up with a person of color as Anderson Cooper. I swear, they LOVE that man. He is there prime pony. D.L Hughley is not cutting it right now.

But Hughley seems more a commedian than a journalist. DOn't be too hard, lets see if he picks up. Give it a season.

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

"Think of him more as a Bill Maher type than another Anderson Cooper."

Uh...ok, I'll think of him as another sexist, albeit white, tool. Hmmm...not helping your case much.

I hadn't seen that pathetic pimp scene. I need to go wash my eyeballs out now.

T. R Xands said...

DL Hughley...has a show...on CNN. I'm going to go look outside for the Horsemen thanks...

No really, I can't watch that clip as I'm in the library right now but I can already imagine what's up. My mom hates this man; I try to give him the benefit of the doubt because he can be intelligent, but I swear when you put him in front of an audience it's just shuck and jive...from your commentary looks like I'll be siding with mom again.

Danyell said...

Maybe they're afraid that if they put on a smarter Black guy, he'll say (I.E. ZOMG!SCARY!!)

I think the media (in general) is still generally fearful of what POC might say or do on TV. They don't want someone challenging and radical stating opinions. All the most popular Black TV personalities tend to be those that are considered "safe Blacks"- they either play to stereotypes and thus, don't challenge them (and everything can stay the same). Or they are just meek, cute, second bananas that are non-threatening and non-confrontational.

SjP said...

Just what I thought!

Anonymous said...

Amen all AMEN!! Hughley is a fool with a capital F he is just another ginnning ninny a-hole black comedian who throws other blacks under the bus to get a laugh or keep his job. It's stupid,assinine,old,and verrrrrry tiresome nice to see someone else recognize it and call him on it.

Anonymous said...

Please let's don't forget, for CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS,'s all about the money from the advertising dollar. It is never about news, it is entertainment. The more I (the networks) can get you (the viewer) to "stay tuned.....we'll be right back after this commercial message" the more money I make and the more junk I can keep showing you over the air. DL got "pimped" and he carried the money straight to CNN.

Kissimmee said...

The character that played the pimp was also a frequent actor on Chappelle's Show, so I thought that the scene was in the same vein as something on Comedy Central or HBO... except it wasn't on Comedy Central or HBO. I agree that that kind of humor should be left to those stations, if any.

And yes, we are all tired of the black stereotypes, but I think he's an intelligent dude. I really enjoyed the piece he did outside a Palin rally for a Palin-Hughley ticket in 2012. It was funny just to see peoples' reactions. Anyway, because of public reaction his last show I think that CNN now knows that Chappelle's stuff just won't work on CNN. I hope they'll go in and make the necessary changes to improve the show.

Rebecca Walker said...

Glad to read this. Just watched five minutes and almost had a coronary. I find the show sinister, actually. I just saw him telling a voter reform expert from Princeton who was explaining why we need paper scan ballots rather than fallible computers, that he "needs to have a drink and relax." The guy just looked at him like, are you kidding? Do you realize this issue is at the absolute core of our democracy? But apparently DL or DH didn't have a clue and just went on to the next moment. I mean really, really, really, awful. I'm going to email all of CNN's addresses on the site right now. Thanks for the coverage WM.