Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Christian Church and Forgiveness


The Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diego recently paid for this billboard. America needs more Christians like this.  I think that we always give lip service to the phrase not all people of a certain group think the same way. We should take the time to acknowledge the difference when it makes itself obvious. 

This group clearly has nothing to apologize for, but the fact that the took the time and spent the money to acknowledge the importance and legitimacy of gay marriage should be acknowledged.  This display of tolerance and mutual respect is heart warming.

H/T Raging Rainbows


Jadelyn said...

Wow. That's powerful. The cynical part of me, of course, is saying "It's just a PR move, cause they know gays are more likely to go to a church that stands up for them right now, so they're looking for fresh converts." But PR move or not, it's still an excellent sign, I think, that there are churches out there willing to stand up and say, No, we didn't do that. And we're sorry it happened.

Nem said...

Thank you so much for this post. I am a Christian. I know the Church as a body has a horrible racist, classist and sexist past and those elements are present today. They break my heart. Thank you for recognising that not all Christians are anti gay marriage, anti choice etc. Recently on feminist sites I've felt very judged and often condemned for having a faith and people have made incorrect assumptions about what I must believe and think. So thank you for this.

Vera H. said...

Cool billboard.

It's a downer that Christianity has been so associated with hate,intolerance, and narrow-mindedness as of late. I'm also aware that many times the loudest and most extreme get the most coverage.

I grew up being taught that God is love, and although my relationship with Christianity has taken numerous twists and turns, that's the message that resonates with me the most.

Deanna said...

The billboard is great - with one caveat.

"Christianity for all?" Kinda ruins the effect for me. Why not "love one other" or "acceptance for all" or something along those lines, instead of specifically excluding folks of different religious persuasions? Kinda baffling to me - they're apologizing for the stones the other guys through in their name, while throwing some stones of their own off at another group of people.

Too bad. The billboard could have been perfect.

The Unmarried Daughter said...

I am not this church leadership so I can't really know what they were thinking, however, it seems to me that it is human nature when lumped into a stereotype, to want to defend that you, personally, are not like the others that are dominating the bigger culture.

Of course the solution is to hold individuals accountable, and not a race, creed, or anything else, but we as humans don't do that, even if we like to think we are. I am really judgmental of christians, and know that I am, and work really hard to remind myself in any encounter with any christian that they are human individuals, and not part of the big bad church. I often fail miserably at it too.

Anonymous said...

Id be more impressed if they left
"Christianity is for all" off. Its' history has NEVER been about inclusion.

While some churches have woken jp, its good.