Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

Well, we all survived another week.  It's been a rough week as both the boys have colds.  The little one is particularly miserable and has been cussing us all out at every opportunity.  I cannot wait for them to get better so that we can return to our normal level of insanity.  As usual tell me about your week and share what you have been reading or writing. Let the weekly blogwhoring begin.

What If You Rape Someone While Sleepwalking

When Fat Hatred, Emotional Blackmail, and a God-Complex Meet...

A New Journalistic Low

Mothers and Fathers Who Murder Get Treated Differently Because They're Different

Safe Haven Laws Are Not Working

Trans Murder Apology

Michelle Obama

Peeve Time: "The Obese" As Walking Dead

Women shouldn't have to fight for their rights

Darfur: When Assault Becomes A Reason For Genocide



AR said...

This week, most of my writing has been here, so that's easy enough. As for reading, it's all about intellectual property. I've just started The Crime of Reason, a book about the abuse of intellectual property and state privilege to hinder the advancement of science and industry. You might be interested in it. I've likewise recently finished a book that makes a libertarian case against the existence of intellectual property in general, Against Intellectual Property, available as a free .pdf, appropriately enough.

rebecca said...

Writing about children's books as usual. This week I was pondering a question of race and hair, in the context of the picture book Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie.

Fran said...

I got angry at an interview with Ben Westwood. Apart from that, I've been pretty lazy about writing!

Macon D said...

Thanks for the readings, Renee!

I did an interview this week on America's National Public Radio (NPR) program, "News & Notes." My post about it also includes an episode of an Australian show, where I talked awhile back about Columbus Day, Italian Americans, and whiteness.

Dori said...

I smell toxicity and plastic: A post that was partially inspired by your post about fish and pussy, as well as the advent of "scented" lube for women. Basically, I stink, and I'm proud of it.

Dori said...

I've got a few more that weren't done earlier:

I don't think I'm better than you: Deconstructing the myth of female moral superiority, and pointing out the anti-feminist nature of the idea.

Who wakes up in the morning and says "I wish I could be oppressed too"?: because I am tired of western white men claiming that I am oppressing them.

Amber Rhea said...

Yesterday I wrote about prescient dreams. I would be interested if anyone wants to hop over and share any of their own experiences.

zooeyibz said...

Busy week catch up with women and popular culture:
the latest on Britney Spears who compares her current patriarchy-run life to jail.

A look at how Malcolm Gladwell has ripped off Virginia Woolf for his book Outliers.

And an homage to Michelle Obama who has to put up with idiotic comments from Mrs Bush suggesting that all women are interested in is closets.

Mór Rígan said...

I started a new blog! I'm not using my real name any more since a radfem falsely accused me of prostituting people because I was discussing sex workers. Anyway, I always read your posts Renee but I'm mostly a lurker.

This week I wrote about religion and misogyny. Not my most analytical piece though!

Danny said...

Who got game? She got game

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Renee, thanks for the acknowledgement-link.
Such an awful reality though, the shaming and criminalising of women who dare to not want (for whatever reason) a baby. And last night in the Nebraska the opening for some parents to seek relief was closed.