Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lance Bass Channels Vanilla Ice

Lord, this was the most hurtin display I have seen in a long time. Who lied to this man and told him hip hop was his thing. 


macon d said...

ouch. "hip hop"?!

a word kept going thru my head: dweeb!

mzbitca said...

Yeah that was not hip-hop. That was jumping around and waving your arms. I'm pretty disappointed in Lacey. She should be able to come up with a much better routine than that. If you want to see good Hip-hop wait until So you think you can dance. There are some amazing people on that show.

frau sally benz said...

Oh boy, poor Lance. I haven't watched this season at all, but I'm glad to see he has at least improved his dance skills since his NSYNC days. Hip hop, however, was SO not what was going on right there. I think Lacey had no choice but to dumb this all down and dilute it for Lance to keep up.

At least it made me laugh a little.