Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Shame

I am a firm believer in pop corn for the brain. I spend a great deal of time dealing with serious issues and so when it is time to relax I quickly sprint to the other side and surround myself in absolute ridiculousness. 

Today I am openly admitting before all the world that I, Renee of Womanist Musings have an extremely serious problem.  It is one that the unhusband has repeatedly told me that I need a support group for.  He has in fact plotted an intervention and has mentioned on more than one occasion that I might just need some counselling.

I know that I am beating around the bush so with no further ado I will just fess up to my addiction.

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In my defence, at least I have not succumbed to the bachelor or the bachelorette. I simply just adore the contrived nonsense of reality tv. Yes, I know that these people have agents before they even set foot on the show .  Yes, I know that contestants are encouraged to sink to the bottom denominator to get ahead.  I just cannot help it...I love them.

Each time I tune in, the unhusband roles his eyes, clears his throat and gives me that you're to smart to be watching this crap look, but somehow I just cannot stop.  They have a ridiculous hold over me.  I know that I am not the only one watching this shit or they would not be on the air.  So, all of you who share my addiction fess up and admit why. 


T. R Xands said...

Uhh...Celebrity Rehab 2 on VH1. Not completely in the vein you're talking about since you can't get voted out of rehab (I'd LOL if you could though), but it's still reality TV more or less...there's actually a couple of reasons why I watch it: 1) Gary Busey is a nutcase and a half 2) I'm an old GNR fan and Steven Adler is on there and 3) I'm just flat-out morbidly curious about why anyone would choose to televise their recovery process, other than the fact that they get paid to be on the show *blink*

Ah...that felt good.

Anonymous said...

I love Project Runway, and even though it makes me feel inadequate, I could watch America's Next Top Model all day long. I just love to watch pretty things, I guess.

Danny said...

I blame The Real World and Road Rules for the reality tv craze.

julie said...

They are great choices Renee.

My excuse for being spellbound by most of them is that I love to watch people succeed or at least get an opportunity to make a dream come true. It sorta takes me away from all the negative to tune into people giving their best against some major challenges.

Feminist Review said...

I think that on some level, watching reality TV makes me feel superior... feeds my ego. Cuz a lot of the time I do feel that despite my apparent flaws, at least I'm not a hot mess like a lot of the people who are cast on reality TV shows.

In another sense, I think that reality TV gives me a peek (admittedly, an edited one) into worlds that I largely steer clear of, but do have a curiosity about (like the rich, business elite on The Apprentice or the young and fashion conscious on ANTM or Project Runway). I think it's fascinating to see how people from different backgrounds and ideologies and lifestyles interact with each other, the biases that they openly (and not so openly) share and how they justify that (like the reactions to Isis, the transwoman on ANTM and Tyra) bias to themselves and others so that they don't feel like they're a "bad person" or whatever. Again, this feeds my own arrogance, but it also feeds my sociological/psychological interests.

whatsername said...

Yah when I veg I will watch the cooking shows, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and the house makeover shows (any of them). My old roommate also got me into Dancing with the Stars for one season, which I will still watch on occasion. But, I don't seek any of these out! For the record! Oh yah I've watched that hair cutting one before too... With that mean British lady...?

Dori said...

When I was living abroad I watched "Shear Genius" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

The first one was fun to watch because I love cool haircuts, and the season I watched had a lesbian on the show, so I felt somewhat justified as watching something vaguely progressive.

SYTYCD...I used to be a dancer. It was a dream of mine until puberty hit, so watching the dances just touched my heart. Plus, the auditions were always fun. It's American Idol for dancers, and I don't have to listen to a bunch of over-inflated divas sing offkey :D

Scott said...

Sorry Renee, but I need to point out a few that you neglected to mention. Its Sunday shame,so I shall shame you some more.

Wife Swap
Super nanny
Rockstar INXS and Super Nova
John and Kate + 8
My big fat obnoxious fiance
The biggest loser
The 2 Coreys
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Pirate Master
The Billionare Rebel
Grease: You're the one that I want

Yes folks, she has watched them all!


Renee said...

@Scott I suppose this is what I get for laughing at your mullet story.

Queers United said...

I also have a reality TV addiction, I love the apprentice, the bachelor/bachelorette, real world, road rules, etc.

Why? Maybe I just enjoy seeing people make fools of themselves.

Kelley said...

Look at it this way: at least with "reality" TV, you have the entertainment factor. It's a low bar, I'll grant you, but it could be worse. You could be an HGTV (Home & Garden) channel me. There's just something about installing new countertops, landscaping and painting that fascinates me.

New Friend said...

I am a reality nut too but only watch a few of these. Dancing with the Stars and hell's Kitchen are my all to die for shows. Miss one and I am missing the world lol. We also like to watch the reality "game shows" too. Singing Bee was my fave. I watched the first Big Brother and I believe it was the second one that ha dChicken George on it (maybe that was the first). I got all into the Chicken George fiasco and even made a website for him (lol). But I just don't like Big Brother now.

Hell's Kitchen though - yeah buddy!!!!! I just cannot get over how blunt Ramsey is. Wish I had half his kahoonas lol.

And to talk of tv show must haves - I MUST HAVE my L&O. Regular L&O, SVU, Criminal Intent. I have probably seen every single episode of all of these. Law and Order baby!!!! Maybe that is because there is no law and order where I live? Maybe because on those shows almost always the bad guy/girl is put away. Maybe because the male protagnist is always so right even when they are wrong they become right by the end of the show? Or maybe it is just because Elliot is just so doggone cute?


Sandalstraps said...

I'm not a big fan of "reality" TV, though Sami and I watch "Biggest Loser" every week.

While I make fun of it the entire time, I must admit that most my mockery is a front to preserve dignity. It actually isn't all that bad.

Jenn said...

I used to have that problem, until I got a job while retaining my full class load.

Now the only reality shows I will not miss are Whale Wars and Hell's Kitchen. I happen to love the latter, no matter how rigged (or not), because it features people of both genders being valued for something other than their appearance. It's almost pure ability.

That's really rare when it comes to reality TV fare.

I highly recommend Whale Wars to everyone. The environmental radicalism of the crew of the Steven Irwin is so inspiring and selfless.

polerin said...

Only reality show I really get into is So you think you can dance, and that's just because I love the human body in all of it's insanity, grace, and beauty. I swear. It has nothing to do with Mia Michaels.
(ok so it does. Teaching skills, passion, awesomeness, and self confidence mixed with incredible choreographer skills? rawr.)

Scratch that, I also loved trading spaces, but .. yeah. When Vern stopped appearing on it, I stopped being interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh, crap. I think I might be worse than all of you, or at least I admit to this. I watch all the adult cartoons you love to hate (Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, etc.), as well as mixing up the mimosas to watch Desperate Housewives (adore Felicity Huffman and the others) and Ugly Betty (I just love seeing a program with a warm, loving Mexican American family, given the racist crap that is thrown at them constantly in this country; plus Vanessa Williams is just to DIE for in her role). Can watch old Law and Order episodes all day long, too. L&O reruns are at least one good thing about being unemployed...

Most vapid shame is Grey's Anatomy.

New Friend said...

@anon #16

I do love my L&O lol. I haven't decided yet whi is sexier, Elliot or Goren or Logan is cuter and I also like Van Buren and her no-nonsense attitude. And McCoy is absolutely the funniest tv character I have seen in a long time. he has his beliefs and nobody will change his mind. he is extremely sexist though so I like "liking" and "hating" him at the same time.

Okay now I have just given wayyyyyyyy more info about me and how hooked I am on L&O lol. I am seriously missing my cable tv. Only getting NBC is really really really awful. I only get 1 or 2 L&Os a week :-(

Octogalore said...

Hey, nobody's mentioned Beauty and the Geek yet. I'll fess up to that. I watch ANTM and Idol as well, and was a big fan of Rockstar INXS and Super Nova. I used to love Queer as Folk, which is actually a decent show, but also for superficial reasons: I had a massive crush on the Brian Kinney character (played by Gale Harold) and getting to see him buck naked was a nice treat. Is it bad that I like him better as the alpha bad boy than as the nice guy in Desperate Housewives (which, I watch as well)?

Finally, as my IQ deteriorates further, I've taken to watching Lipstick Jungle. Kind of upset that Victory dumped the hunky contractor for the totally unsexy billionaire, though.

Anonymous said...

Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and The Girls Next Door are my addictions. Something about objectifying women is incredibly entertaining, to my shame.

naturallycurvy said...

I don't know why I watch reality TV, but I do and love it. Some of the shows I use to watch (Celebrity Fit Club) I can't anymore due to FA things, but otherwise I just eat it up. I was even a loyal follower of Flavor of Love (I know, I still can't believe it). If there is a new reality show, I will watch it. I've been following Paris Hilton's BFF and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Normally I hate the whole celebrity scene, but make reality TV out of it and I can't get enough. My husband gives me the same looks and we have the same conversation every time I watch them, but I'm drawn none-the-less. Maybe it's because these shows are just so honest that I have an appreciation for them, because at least they admit to being contrite and unhanded and plain morally wrong most times. At least I don't have to get riled up because these people refuse to see how they really are, and instead embrace it. I have more respect for someone who says "yes, I'm racist/homophobic/arrogant/outrageous/sexist/etc. so what?" than I do for people who insist they are no such thing.

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