Transgender Day Of Remembrance


Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.  I tried to write a post about this earlier in the week but found it difficult to speak about the loss of so many people.  This day is a necessity because trans people are particularly vulnerable in society.  Many have died because of the fear, ignorance and hatred of others.  When I visited Remembering Our Dead, the length of the list was a terrible testament to the violence that trans people have to live with.  As I scrolled through the names I realized how many people I had never heard of.

The media does not cover their deaths, or crimes against them with the seriousness and respect that they deserve.  Instead they are treated like some kind of circus freak show.  In it’s starkness Remembering Our Dead tells us what we have lost.  There is an official website which lists events that are happening today, please attend if you are able.  We must remember the dead and pledge in their name to try and end the violence.  No one should be subject to violence due to their transgender identity.

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