Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transgender Day Of Remembrance


Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.  I tried to write a post about this earlier in the week but found it difficult to speak about the loss of so many people.  This day is a necessity because trans people are particularly vulnerable in society.  Many have died because of the fear, ignorance and hatred of others.  When I visited Remembering Our Dead, the length of the list was a terrible testament to the violence that trans people have to live with.  As I scrolled through the names I realized how many people I had never heard of.

The media does not cover their deaths, or crimes against them with the seriousness and respect that they deserve.  Instead they are treated like some kind of circus freak show.  In it's starkness Remembering Our Dead tells us what we have lost.  There is an official website which lists events that are happening today, please attend if you are able.  We must remember the dead and pledge in their name to try and end the violence.  No one should be subject to violence due to their transgender identity.


julie said...

Good on these people for making a day of this. In a sense it is also a men's move. Some of this will trickle down to stop violence on the whole.

I hardly even find males who like male on male violence.

Kristin said...

"Good on these people for making a day of this. In a sense it is also a men's move. Some of this will trickle down to stop violence on the whole."

Julie: What did you mean here? A "men's move"? What are you talking about? Also, what's with the need to point out how this will "trickle down to stop violence as a whole"? I mean, can't trans murders just be centered for even one day? Also, how is your point about "males who like male on male violence" even relevant here?

The HRC (an incredibly exclusionary organization, but one which nevertheless seems to have a lot of political currency in the US LGb community) reports that trans people have a one in twelve chance of being murdered. Your immediate shift to a focus on "violence as a whole" is incredibly offensive--especially on a day like this.

Renee said...

Count me as seconding what Kristin has to say on this issue. Julie we all know that you have agenda but it does not relate to this. I do not see how you could not have put it aside for this. Did you not click on the link and see the list of how many have lost their lives? This is incredibly disrespectful.

julie said...

Yes, it is true. I have an agenda. I have decided. (smile)

I want society to listen to the people in the middle. I don't want to be classed as a traitor for caring for men or as a religious nut for speaking up that single parents are suffering from what my girlfriends are doing by putting social workers (straight from school) into the primary schools. (hey, they totally agree with what I do) I don't even want for the state to take the children off the Pacific Islanders because they smack them. I want them to understand their culture and have patience.

I don't want to be a traitor to the men's side either just because I have girlfriends that have been raped and one by the number one rapist in the country who was locked up years ago and knifed my girlfriend while she was in bed and her children asleep in the next room. This was a huge case where thousands of men came forward to give DNA.

I want for us to move forward. I want for women to understand that the worst DV offenders come from very back backgrounds themselves.

But I am starting to see that those in the middle won't get a say. They haven't for 30 years so what matters if we need the next generation to get it.


As for transgenders, ... well the most I know are male. The only women being like men are lesbians in my world. Except for the tom boys. We have heaps of those proving that women can kill themsleves in fast cars and by doing daring stunts as men can.

I think I just picked a subject which my own sex considers to be a traitor. I think this is wrong and I think men need to be given a chance whether they like to dress up as women or have a sex change. I think the gays deserve rights also. And that is what this whole Prop 8 is about .... gays.

After the marriage change in law they are going to go after gay adoption of children. Since heterosexual men have lost much of the right to be fathers the gays are using the feminist movement to get their way. Not all gays even like the feminists for treating them as bad prior to when they became gay. They seriously want to do this their own way. And they want equal rights to feminists.

julie said...

The nicest thing you can do for me Renee and others is to understand that the men online in the MRM are not the same as the men on the ground.

But I also know that women are fleeing Canada to work in the co-ed area because they have chosen a trade. Whether it be rape of DV or addiction. They know most things are not discriminative.

And these religious nuts are just that. I will say that God will judge them alright. But on their judging others. They hold things back too.

So, I suppose I am both sides enemy now. It was expected, I guess.

Renee said...

Please stop. This post is for remembering transgender people who have lost their lives due to violence. There are ample threads dealing with MRA and mens issues for you to comment on. Please leave this alone. I find it incredibly disrespectful that you think it is okay to push your agenda in the face of so much violence that has been directed at the transgender community.

julie said...

And, Holy cow, 3 comments in a row.

Kristina, this transgender move is about MALES. It is a men's move also. They want to be accepted as MEN who dress up. Or who choose to be feminine.

They challenge violence from men and women against them.

This is not a women's movement. But if you think it is then I am more than happy to hear your view.

julie said...

Sure Renee, I hear you. My last comment was made while you wrote yours #6.

I do respect and feel for transgenders. I have one really wonderful women(man) that has done some great things in the community. Ok, 2... OK, 3.. damn .. Ok many.

ethan said...

This isn't about males wanting to be accepted as 'men who dress up.' While there are always some men remembered on TDOR, the vast majority are women, mostly working-class women of color. There's a great essay here about the way racism intersects with misogyny and transphobia to leave trans women of color vulnerable to attack, especially with the sharp uptick in violence since the election.

For the local TDOR vigil I worked on today, we had printed out handbills a week ago with the names of all those killed this year. Since then, we had 6 more names to add to the list, all women. It's...overwhelming. As a white trans man, I'm comparatively safe. And even so, I'm afraid for my friends, I'm afraid for myself, and I'm afraid of the police. It's not time to listen to people in the middle when the subject is murder.

SarahMC said...

My mouth is literally hanging open reading Julie's ignorant garbage. You have a lot of nerve.

May the victims RIP.

julie said...

For sure Sarah, your are amazed and rightly so. But I feel the same way reading a lot of the stuff on sites. OK, I shouldn't have had a rave. But I can't see all the one sided views to be correct.

Yet, that is my problem. If I read other ignorant views and they don't make sense, I should just think to myself. "Ho hum, that is their opinion at this given time in THEIR lives through their experiences. Just as I have my opinion through my experiences.

You don't need my views to help you through life and I don't need yours.

Although views like Renee's has allowed me to understand and learn things I did not know existed.

I probably would have been better off doing women studie's papers or reading feminists books. But I didn't and that is my bad.

I am sure I have more than enough to take with me and share to other groups. Many working in the field do not know half this fight between the genders.

polerin said...

This is nothing to do with feminism per say. The TDoR is not a feminists day, it's not a womans day, it's not a celebration, we are not "making a day of it."

I am not a man. I have never been a man, not even before I transitioned. I am statistically safer than some of my sisters simply because I'm white, middle classed, and in a steady long term relationship with a partner who knows my history and loves all of me. But I am still at risk, of violence against me if I get read by, or am out around, the wrong person.

Worse than that, even after I die because of who I am, the reality that I died for will be maligned and used to further attack the memory of my life and any good I did. Reporters will refuse to refer to me as the gender I lived every day. They will attack my family and my wife for accepting who I am and loving me. The police will tell my family that my death was a suicide, even if I was beaten in the middle of a street. That's if they even know who I am, or care to find out.

I am uninsurable, and uninsured. Luckily I am healthy, but too many others are not. Because employment is so much harder to get as a transperson, it also becomes more difficult to seek legal employment, which is why so many are forced into sex work where they would not have been regardless. In doing so, they are even more at risk for violence than before, and will have their run through the mud even more if they are killed.

Last night was not a celebration. It was not a something that we are doing to increase our viability. Last night we mourned, and remembered our sisters and brothers for who they were, because so few others ever will. The transgender rights movement is not a mens movement. It is not a womans movement. It is me, and all those who came before me and all of those that will come after me insisting that we are human, and that we better than you know who we are.

I don't tell you who you are. I don't tell you how to live your life. All I ask is that you do the same for me.

Four hundred and twelve names were on the list last night. That's four hundred and twelve names lost, people ripped from their families and from their lives, simply for being who they were. On the night that we remembered them, and that we mourned their senseless deaths, you attacked them and attempted to make light of the difficulties and pain of simply accepting your own life and your own path.

Shame on you.

SarahMC said...

No, Julie. I am shocked and offended because your "views" are ignorant, and you seem to be proud of it. You aren't even operating with an understanding of what "trans" means.