Friday, December 5, 2008

Barbara Walters Talks Sense To Idiocy: A Conversation With Rush Limbaugh

I must say that Walters took good care to call Limbaugh on his idiocy and false logic.  Rush of course fell back on his stable of lies to justify the misogyny that he engages in on a daily basis.  Almost every word that comes from his mouth is laced with arrogance, and unacknowledged white male privilege. 

Imagine a man making millions of dollars having the audacity to state that he is not a member of the elite.  If a multimillionaire is not a member of the elite circle,  then my over worked black ass wants an invite to do tea with the Queen.   His commentary ignores the struggling of everyday people who are trying to decide weather or not it is more important to have electricity, or heat in their homes this winter.  Yeah, just another ordinary guy...Hey Rush how many 100 dollar bills does it take to wipe your disgusting lying ass?

Then came this little bit of clear delusion, "I am the most unthreatening, tolerant, lovable guy you could ever meet."  I know that he did not graduate college, but certainly he learned the meaning of the word tolerance in middle school.  Clearly tolerance, peace, and love, are not things that he embraces.  He talks about tolerance but Rush has always been about pushing an agenda. 

Limbaugh wants to ensure that white male hegemony continues to be a way of life.  That this might negatively effect others is none of his concern.  Wrapped in the lie of meritocracy he props up social imbalance and encourages those poor whites who do not have his class advantage to support an ideal that is not in their best interest.

I commend Barbara for the self restraint she displayed in this conversation with a man that is quite honestly one of the nations biggest douchebags.  Faced with such falsehood and lies, I doubt that I could displayed the same restraint. 

Limbaugh is a dangerous man.  There is a tendency for those of us that have liberal, or progressive views to simply dismiss his commentary as the ramblings of an idiot, but this is a mistake.  Rush has a huge following, and it increased significantly during the election campaign.  The US is currently in a recession and during tough economic times, people always look for someone to blame for their suffering.  Rather than focusing on the ways in which the elite daily exploit the common person, Rush redirects their angst towards marginalized bodies of colour and women.  That these groups do not exist with the kind of institutional power to be responsible for the current economic strife is unimportant. 

With his capacity to fan the flames of hate, Limbaugh is a dangerous man.  We cannot afford to ignore the lies that he so disgustingly spouts on a daily basis.  As infuriating as his commentary is, there are people that are listening and believing his brand of false political discourse as truth.  It is for this reason that we must continually speak out against men like Limbaugh. The elite wins when we allow them to foster division amongst the middle/working/under classes.

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