Monday, December 29, 2008

A Black Woman Walking: A Documentary

I really related to this video on many levels.  Walking down the street, men seem to have no problem looking at me as though I am a piece of meat that they are ready to throw on a BBQ.  It as if the only reason I exist is for their pleasure.  At no point is my humanity recognized in their desire to consume me, to declare me a possession.

When I walk with the unhusband hand in hand black men look at me as though I have somehow betrayed them.  It is as though I have betrayed my entire race for daring to love as I chose.  It is not about me as a person but their right to claim ownership over me.  It seems that black women belong to everyone but ourselves.  We have no identity other than servitude, exploitation and submission.

Walking down the street should be a simple thing.  We all need to get from point A to point B and yet we must exist with the fear that the next set of eyes we meet will demand much more from us than a friendly smile of recognition.  We are expected to shrug this off and not feel anger or resentment, because others feel that they have the right to demean us.  We are living, breathing targets because we have been born black and female in a world that has cumulatively decided that we are less than.

H/T black girl blogging

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