Monday, December 1, 2008

Brand New Commenting System

I have finally introduced a new commenting system to the blog It allows you to reply directly to a comment  If you register for the system it allows you to edit your comments.  You will still be able to post anonymously if you choose, as well as post images and video in your comments.  There are  many more options with this new system. 

In the interim if you wish to comment on the old threads you will have to click on the post a comment written in tiny black letters.  I know that this is an inconvenience for the posts that have great conversation already running, but it is the cost of implementing the new system.

How about we all give this a try for a month and see if this works for everyone. It is my hope that this will reduce the amount of spam on the blog.  For the first time I will be able to ban abusive users (trolls you have been warned) and this will help to create a safer space here. 

Thank you for your patience,


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