Monday, December 8, 2008

Debasing African American Women For Profit

Some people simply have no shame; and therefore  attach  labels to pure shit to earn a quick buck. They will sell you the lie that it is all about appreciating your culture, or showing respect for black women to get you to spend your hard earned dollars.  Lord knows that black women have it tough enough in this life, we can certainly use all of the help that we can get. 

As the holiday season is upon us many will attempt to support black companies by their patronage.  If you are going to spend the money anyway, and you can help out a struggling black business in this rough economy it would seem to be a great idea right?  This kind of shopping is something we are supposed to feel good about right?

Enter: AFROCENTRIC GIFTS (not linking to this trash hit the google)

Images below the fold may not be acceptable for work, open with caution.

image This is called the desert rose and retails for 135.00

image This is called the GoDiva and retail for 135.00

image This is called the Sunny (Samba Queen) and retails for 135.00

image This is called the Bonnie (Beach) and retails for 135.00

image This one is called Room Service and retails for 135.00

image This one is called Pride of the Masai and retails for 135.00

Well these collectible dolls are in celebration of black womanhood.  Does anyone feel special, loved, or adored?  Just being put up on such a pedestal and then sold for such an extreme amount of money just makes me so emotional-- and that emotion would be anger.  I am sick of black women being devalued in this way.  To wrap it as a purchase of uplifting the black community is beyond a falsehood. 

Black women matter damn it.  We are 50% of the community.  We are mothers, daughters, and sisters.  At some point we have got to start to understand that when black women are portrayed like this it is damaging.

To make matters worse the section of the site that celebrate our heroes is predominated by black men.  It is as though the only contribution we provide is by being fuckable bodies; toys for mens pleasure.  This is an insult to all of our sheroes who have fought valiantly over the course of hundreds of years to ensure not only the continuation of our race, but our slow progression towards equality.  To be erased from history in this way is a slap in the face to all of the achievements of black womanhood.  Even those of us who daily labour in obscurity do so with the hope of a better future.

I know that this is just one small little store on the internet.  I am probably throwing traffic at it in my attempt to draw awareness to the horrid nature of the products that it sells.  The point of the matter is that these little stores repeatedly reproduce these items; thus generating profit from the defilement of black womanhood.  At some point we need to decide that yes we need to support our community, but not at the cost of the devaluement of half of it. 

When you purchase from these so-called Afrocentric stores make sure that they are committed to supporting all of the black community.

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