Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

Hello everyone, once again it is time for the weekly blogwhoring.  It was yet another uneventful week. We are starting to gear up for Christmas.  I am finally going to get the tree up this weekend.  The kids are getting anxious and their lists keep getting longer. At this rate Santa is going to need a part-time job. The following are links to a few posts that I really enjoyed this week please check them out. Alright you know the routine, tell me what you have been reading, writing, and doing for the last week in the comment section. 

Of Prison and Redemption

Black + Tall + Male = Basketball

Unequal Rights For Haters

What Happened? A Nigga In Charge Of The World

Walking Through Fire

Why feminists shouldn't have to keep mum

On Gayness

Sex Workers Self Identifying

Dead Inside

The nun and the burqa 


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