Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

What a crazy week this was.  I somehow survived Christmas once again.  The boys got almost everything on their Santa lists, so they were very happy.  The unhusband cooked a wonderful turkey.  I wasn't feeling well that day but he stepped right up to the challenge and dinner was saved.  I have a couple of days of leftovers to look forward to but I am pretty pleased with how the the holidays went and of course the rum and eggnog went a long way to making me jolly ;)

You know the routine, the following are the posts I found interesting this week.  Please check them out and then tell me about your holidays in the comment section.  As always this is an open thread so remember to leave your link behind.

Class and Hard Work

Black Bigotry and Straight Supremacy

trans musings

Dear Pope Ratz

The Unmothered Mother

Dogs and women are not allowed

Get Ready Next Week The Weight Reduction Industry Will Stick Their Hand Out

Honouring My Moon Time

Black Women And Weighty Issues About Weight

Feminists On High Horses, pt 1   


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