Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hooray For Natural Breasts

Officially I blame Judy Bloom for my breast issues.  That part in Are you there God it's me Margaret, where the girls get together to do breast exercises to increase their bust sizes really had an effect on me.  I developed early and was a C cup by age 10, and I am now a DD. 

I know that a lot of small breasted women believe that having bigger breasts is the solution to the insecurities that they feel, but trust me being large busted has its own issues.  We worry about sagging, and I cannot tell you how many occasions I have had to inform some drooling toad exactly where my eyes are.

Having breasts is a difficult thing.  No matter what size they are many of us feel like there is something wrong with them.  This is due to the amount of "corrective surgeries" that are done every year.  No woman has globes on her chest that don't move with tiny nipples.  Those kind of breasts are the creation of plastic surgeon and not nature.

It is time for us natural breasted women to reclaim our breasts from the scalpel. Loving our bodies the way that they were created is one the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves. 

When you think about it there is an industry that profits from every form of female insecurity.  The diet and exercise industry win when we obsess about our weight .  The medical establishment wins when we obsesses about the size and shape of our breasts, nose, hips, hell they have a "fix it" for every body part. The beauty industry wins when we believe that our natural looks need to be covered by make up, because somehow we are not presentable the way nature made us.

Well, I invite all the women reading this blog to reclaim the female body one part at a time.  There is nothing wrong with the way that we have been created.  We are all beautiful in unique and wonderful ways, and it is time we start to accept that rather than lining the pockets of industries that seek to profit off of our insecurities.

To that end I would like you to all check out this site.  It is a gallery of natural breasts.  One look through the photos will reassure even the most doubtful that there is no such thing as a uniform breast but they are all uniquely female, and stunning.

H/T Bitch via twitter

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