Friday, December 26, 2008

iboobs on iphone


I came across this disgusting video at BlackManWithBlog. He twitted the link and so I decided to check it out.  Once viewing the shaking disembodied boobs, I was to reach a new level of disgust when I read his description, "lol thanks Questlove for sending the link to this very funny to me but cool."

Disembodied women are not funny.  It is not at all accidental that these images are for the most part female. It maintains patriarchy, and reminds us that we are meant to be little more than play things to amuse men.  BlackManWithBlog found this hilarious, fucking ha ha ha.  I suppose if there was something on the iphone that reduced black men to their baser elements this fool would be enraged, but he seems to have no problem laughing at the reduction of women.  HELLO ASSHAT CAN YOU HEAR ME: ALL OF THE ISMS WORK TOGETHER. This means that the same things that make racism dangerous and cancerous to the human soul, are the same things that make sexism cancerous.

It drives me insane to watch one marginalized group prey upon another.  Some feel that this is a form of elevation because in certain instances they have the ability to "other" another group of people.  BlackManWithBlog was expressing his male power to debase and demean women; however what he did not realize is that in the process he was keeping alive the idea that we should attack others based on difference.  This kind of behaviour maintains a hierarchy of beings and is exactly what the ruling classes count on to maintain our continued disenfranchisement. Go ahead and play dupe, but the next time you see black men being attacked, don't scream to loudly because your actions are helping to maintain the dissonance of worth and value.

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