Friday, December 12, 2008

Spanker Gets A taste Of His Own Medicine

I have written repeatedly about the harms of spanking children.  Many have a tendency to justify it by claiming that it was done to them and that they turned out just fine.  When we look at it though, it really is an act of violence.  If one adult hits another it is considered assault and usually comes with some sort of criminal charge.

According to the dailynews a father tried to spank his teenage daughter when an altercation occurred over the damage of a household item.  Instead of submitting to the corporal punishment she turned around and punched her father.  Though this clearly an act of self defence, the girl has been charged with domestic battery.

We all know damn well that had he been successful in "spanking" his daughter the law would have turned a blind eye to his act of violence.  We don't want to get involved in family matters even when they are harmful to the child.  It is only when the violence escalates and the child ends up dead or maimed  do we say why was nothing done, or where was social services?

Though they claim that the father was not abusive, what exactly do they think that spanking is?  Why is it permissible for a grown man to be physically violent with his child (in this case a girl) as a form of discipline? What lesson was he hoping to teach this child by hitting her? Corporal punishment leads to a myriad of issues.

  • Becoming Depressed
  • Having Suicidal Thoughts
  • Striking Siblings and Peers
  • Performing Poorly at School
  • Becoming Delinquents and Committing Crimes
  • Having Career Problems
  • Abusing Their Own Children and Spouses, when Adults.

I find the gender dynamic in this case to be even more disturbing. Don't women have to fear enough violence in their lives, without having their fathers beat them to teach a lesson.  Yes I said beat them, because that is exactly what spanking is despite whatever euphemisms we want to attach to it. As an adult this man clearly had several options and yet he still felt that it was appropriate to try and physically assault his daughter.  Had he attempted to be violent with his wife or partner the law would have seen his actions as domestic violence.  It is only the age of the victim involved that makes this an issue of discipline.

I am further disturbed to see that this child has been charged with, misdemeanour domestic battery.  This was clearly an act of self defence.  She did not initiate the violence and acted to protect the physical integrity of her body.   How is it right that the victim is being charged?  This only further proves the imbalance in  the judicial system. 

There are many instances when women are charged  and do jail time for defending themselves.  We may want to just crack this up to teenage rebellion, but ask yourself why this young girl didn't exist with the right to live a violence free life, or do everything in her ability to stop herself from being violated?  The wrong person is dealing with the justice system today.  Everyone should exist with the right to act in self defence.

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