Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Shame: Christmas Ends With Alcohol

image Well the big day is fast approaching.  My tree is up, along with the lights on the outside of the house.  I still have three gifts to buy, 1 trip to the liquor store for "essentials", 3 dozen cookies to bake, 1 mac and cheese casserole to bake, 1 turkey to cook and stuff , 1 sweet potato pie to make, pounds of potatoes to mash, turnip to cook, gravy to prepare, 1 massive Christmas breakfast for four with all the trimmings, and one gingerbread house to decorate.  Somewhere in between all of this I still have to clean the house and make it look shall we say a little less lived in. 

image I am lucky in that the unhusband will help with a lot of this, even while he is getting on my very last nerve.  The next couple of days will pass in a whirlwind, as I come to terms with the fact that once again I cannot avoid seeing my in laws this year.  I will put a smile on my face, pretend to be happy while mentally wishing I had mailed myself to Hawaii for the duration.  This is our traditional Christmas Eve torture and for me it ends with alcohol. 

The key here is to strike a delicate balance.  You don't want to drink too much, because the next the day you still have a ton of work to do to "officially celebrate" the holiday. (see above list) but at the same time you don't want to be so sober that you think about cracking some members of the outlaw family in the head.  While some call it the Christmas spirit, for me alcohol is a necessary ingredient in surviving the yearly visit. 

The next day will be filled with work for me.  I want my children to have wonderful memories of Christmas.  While they play with their new toys and we watch Christmas movies a lot of my time will be spent in the kitchen making sure that our supper is perfect.  By the time the turkey hits the table I will be so tired, I will not enjoy a lot of it.  I will happily open a bottle of white wine and begrudgingly pore the unhusband a glass, thinking that I deserve the wine more than he does, but I'll share anyway. 

image When the dishes are done and the kids have finally gone to bed, I will proceed to get completely shit faced wondering how I survived yet another year of insanity.  So yes Christmas ends with alcohol, but when I think of the work that goes into making it a perfect day for those that I love the most can you really blame me?   I am sure I am not the only  mother who by 9 pm is completely shit faced with relief, so fess the hell up.   How many of you depend on "Christmas cheer " to get through Christmas?

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