Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Shame: How Green Are Your Thumbs?

image Some of you may have guessed from reading this blog that the environment is a huge concern of mine.  Often I try to link the ways in which our actions are ruining our beautiful blue planet into blog posts.

My family composts, and recycles both paper and glass.  We buy used and try very hard to find new uses for old products before we throw them out.  As parents, the unhusband and I feel that it is necessary to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.

One of things I have blogged about is that agribusiness and our method of exchange are ruining our food supply.  I have also discussed the fact that until recently most people produced goods in the home for consumption.  Today that has been replaced with take out food, or easy chemical filled micro wave meals.

As a person who tries very hard to live by my beliefs I have to admit to a personal shame....everything that is living with chlorophyll around me either dies, or commits suicide.

image Each year I start out with the best of intentions and plant my garden.  Within a few weeks everything is dead.  I don't know what I do wrong, but the unhusband tells me that I have black thumbs for a reason.

I cannot tell you how many innocent house plants have met their death under my care.  People have told me that they are giving me an idiot proof plant, and sooner or later we end up having a funeral for the thing because somehow I have managed to kill it.   Right now I have 4 plants that are barely hanging on.  The unhusband has started to write a bucket list for them, as he seems to feel we will all be singing swing low sweet chariot for them any day now.

I just keep trying though.  One day, somehow I am going to be able to manage my environmental beliefs with my ambitions for a greener world.  Even though everyone tells me I am doing more harm with my continued efforts, I forge onwards.

Okay your turn, what beliefs have you been unable to live by due to either lack of effort, or lack of skill?

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