Saturday, July 5, 2008

Joe Horn, Murderer

image On November 17, 2007 Joe Horn did the unforgivable, he killed two men.  The grand jury recently refused to indict Joe for murder, and now he is being celebrated as a hero.  Good ole gun toting Joe came to the defence of his neighbours property, and in the process two men lost their lives.  Even though he was clearly told by the 911 dispatcher to remain in his home, and that the police were on the way, he simply could not stand idly by and allow these men to leave with possessions that did not even belong to him. There was no threat upon him, or his property. 

This is the result of the "castle doctrine" law in Texas, wherein people may use deadly force to protect their own property or to stop arson, burglary, robbery, theft or criminal mischief at night.  Why does Texas even have 911, if citizens can just kill someone who is leaving their property, and has not caused them any personal harm? That is right, the men were leaving. 

In all of the media reports that I have read about this story, the reporters make sure to mention that these men were illegal immigrants from Columbia, as if this fact somehow detracts from their humanity. They weren't "regular" Americans, so why not shoot them, they didn't belong here in the first place. Joe did the right thing because these were men of colour, and we all know what a threat they can be to God fearing white people. What was Joe supposed to do, just let them leave with his neighbours property?  He could not sit safely in his home with his gun, Noooo he made a bet with the 911 operator that he was going to kill them. image image And so so with malice and forethought, good ole Joe pulled the trigger three times, and two men are now dead. No matter what they were doing at the time of their deaths, it is important to acknowledge that these were indeed men, who but perhaps for an accident of birth could have been "regular" Americans akin to good ole Joe. There really is nothing that separates them from us, except our refusal to acknowledge their humanity.

How is it that on this planet that we all share, the ridiculous notion of an illegal human being can be used as justification for murder?  Borders are a social construct which exist, specifically to perpetuate the idea of difference.  They are not like us, and so it is perfectly fair to create unfair trading practices that allow us to impoverish them, while we live in relative luxury. When they try to escape the poverty that Western governments have subjected their populace to, we criminalize them and create them as less than, rather than acknowledging our complicity in their impoverishment.   They have no right to want  what we have, after all we have rightfully stolen it from them, and we have no intention of giving it back.

The answer to reducing property crime is certainly not to correct a system that is so imbalanced that many labour for $1 per day.  It would certainly not help the world to redistribute assets fairly, acknowledging that those that have accumulated the most have done so upon the backs of the worlds most vulnerable citizens.  Damn it, arm yourself the "illegals" are coming.  We cannot let them get away with stealing our debt laden purchases from labour exploiting Walmart.  It is our obligation to make sure that these "illegals" remember who the massa is in the first place.  If some of them end up dead along the way, there is no need to worry because they breed like rabbits anyway.

I know that Texas believes that there is the United States, and then there is Texas, however wilfully granting citizens the right to kill over meaningless property is wrong.  I am sure that the gun manufacturers are thanking you for passing laws that will increase their profit margin, but believe it or not people are worth more than things.  We will never know what these two men could have contributed to the world had they not had the misfortune to born dark, and poor on the wrong side of the border.

I Have Breasts

Recently I got into a cab with my partner and two kids, Mayhem and Destruction.  I was entering the front passengers side of the cab, when I noticed that the driver could not keep his eyes off of my breasts.  The whole five minute drive to our destination he continually glanced over at my breasts.  Now I will admit that I have a great set, however staring at me for over five minutes like some kind of drooling horny toad, in the presence of my children was beyond demeaning.  The only reason I did not explicitly  tell him about himself, was because  I did not want my children to hear what I was thinking.

I can already hear you apologists telling me  how natural it is for a man to look at a woman, or that I was probably wearing something revealing to draw his attention.  Perhaps you believe that I should walk around dressed like one of those FLDS cult women in lavender from head to toe, with a ridiculous two foot bun.  The issue however is not me, the issue are these disgusting predatory men in this society, who think that they have a right to treat women like we are here exclusively for their satisfaction.  The issue is that he felt that he had the right to reduce me to a sexual object for his pleasure.

It is summer time now, and women are wearing light summer dresses and shorts.  This is prime hunting season for the perverts. A few years ago in Ontario, a man was arrested after hiding down the hole of an outhouse so that he could leer at women while they used the facilities...The local media reported it like it was a hilarious comedy routine, because he was covered in shit, and not one word was said about the privacy of the victims that had been lost. Every year some pervert is caught with a camera that he has used to take obscene pictures of unsuspecting women. This is not a joke, we are not flattered, and no we did not bring this upon ourselves. Women should be able to live our daily lives without constantly being leered at by some disgusting man.  I don't want to hear the bullshit excuse about how men are visually stimulated either.  This is about the right that some men feel that they have to reduce us to objects for their gratification; this is about the imbalance of power in our society.

The forgiveness that we give these "helpless" leering assholes is the foundation that our rape apologist culture is built on.  We say things like, "it's only boys being boys", as though it is just some victimless game. It is not a far escalation to go from leering at a woman inappropriately, to taking physical action against her person.  Somehow the argument is always reduced to how we must have brought it upon ourselves, either by our sexually suggestive clothing, or behaviour. Take note perverts, I could be  wearing nothing but what I came into the world with, and that still would not give you the right to reduce me to an object.

I have a suggestion for all of you leering assholes, who think that this is some fun summer pass time, akin to baseball or lacrosse,... Return to the hole that you climbed out of, and allow the descent people to get on with it. Enter a permanent state of hibernation because you really don't add anything to the world anyway. You are nothing but oxygen thieves, breathing perfectly good air that should be left for those of us that actually add value to society, and in case I have not gotten my point across clearly enough....Fuck the hell off.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Segregation Is Wrong... Bury Her Waller County

On March 18, 1997 a young woman was found with her hands severed, her hair shorn, with a plastic bag wrapped around her head. She was  left at the side of the road like a piece of garbage, her identity known only to her murderer. One would believe that after such a brutal death, that this nameless woman, who remains unclaimed would have suffered enough indignity.

According to CNN, there is a heated debate going on as to where this poor woman will be buried. It seems that Waller County Texas is so racially divided, that even the cemeteries are segregated.   If she was buried in the black cemetery, she would be the first known white person buried in a black cemetery in Waller County.  The racial divide continues to run deep in Texas.                  

As a WOC, I try to never dismiss, or belittle  the impact that racism has on our lives.  The systemic nature of racism leads to poverty, violence, and a lack of social advancement.  There is however, a time when even those fighting a just cause simply loose their moral compass.  How long is this woman to wait, until she can be laid to rest?  At some point a respect for what she has suffered must be acknowledged.  The fact that no one has claimed her, does not give either side the right to use her as some political pawn to press an agenda.  She was a living, breathing, human being who met her end in the cruelest of fashions.

This bickering over her remains only serves to devalue, and reduce her humanity.  She is not some prize that can be claimed.  As is often the case in our society, women are treated like possessions, and the fact that this victim has no one to speak in her defence, has further perpetuated the idea that she is simply a piece of property over which two complainants are in dispute over.  The longer this situation continues, the more it becomes clear that she is simply not viewed as a human being, rather she is seen as a tool that can be manipulated to prove a point.  Lay this poor woman to rest, she has suffered more than enough.

I'm Not Racist, I have Black Friends

I cannot believe that there is one sentient being in existence who could reasonably question the fact that burning a cross on the lawn of a POC is a hate crime.  I came across the story at the black lunatic and I simply had to write a post about it..

According to The Morning News, "A rental home where a mother with three biracial sons lived burned to the ground only days after she says people set a wooden cross ablaze in her yard."

"Deputies arrested Jacob Wingo, 19, on charges of terroristic threatening and aggravated assault over the cross burning. Jailers said Wingo posted bond shortly after his arrest Thursday."

Yvette Briggs, Wingo's mother, said he turned himself in to authorities earlier and "told the truth."
"It was all a joke," Briggs told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "He's got mixed friends. He's got black friends - he does not hate people. If he knew it was considered a hate crime, he would never have done anything like that."

So let me get this straight, your son should be rewarded for telling the truth, and he really doesn't hate blacks, because he supposedly has a black friend. You would think that maybe, just possibly, one or two of those black friends that you claim he socializes with, would have told him that it might not be a good idea to burn a cross as a sign of love, respect or camaraderie.  When most people want to be friendly to new people in the neighbourhood, they stop by with a cake, or a pie even.
Call me crazy but  burning a cross just doesn't seem to say welcome to the neighbourhood.  Perhaps all of the images popularized in the media of men in white sheets burning crosses just looked like some kind of weird celebration of Halloween. Maybe he believed that when they were screaming, "white power" as the crosses burned they were making a statement about how wonderful bleach is at keeping whites, white and not actually pushing a racial agenda. Come on, not even the fictional Forest Gump is that dumb.

How much longer do white people believe they can use the I have a "black friend" card to cover their clearly racist behaviour? I would like to know the name of the black kid that goes around befriending racists so that I can smack him.  Really though, I think I have finally figured out the mystery of the black friend...he/she is imaginary aren't they? ...Yep, your "pretend buddy" that you can whip out every time the word racist is thrown your way.  Here is a little tip, next time you go to pull the "black friend" out of your defence arsenal, please be aware that this excuse has worn thin, and we (anti-racists) are on to your sorry, lying asses.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Top Ten US Sex Laws

I have had to post a lot of sad, and serious issues recently. It occurs to me that we could all use a little laughter. For that purpose I am posting this list that I discovered at College Times.

1. Oral sex is illegal in 18 states, including Arizona.
2. In Virginia, it is illegal to have sex with the lights on.
3. It is illegal for husbands in Willowdale, Oregon, to talk dirty during intercourse.
4. Sexual intercourse between unmarried couples is illegal in Georgia.
5. Engaging in any sexual position other than missionary is illegal in Washington, DC.
6. In Connorsville, Wisconsin, it is illegal for a man to shoot off a gun when his female partner is having an orgasm.
7. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth.
8. Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal in Florida. (Do we really need a law for this?)
9. It is illegal in Utah to marry your first cousin before the age of 65.
10. Sex with animals is perfectly legal for men in Washington state, as long as the animal weighs less than 40 pounds.

Thomas Beatie Gives Birth To Healthy Girl

image When Thomas Beatie first announced to the world that he was pregnant it set off a social storm regarding gender identity. He very bravely went on the widely watched Oprah Winfrey show to tell his story.  Though he faced a vicious backlash, I am happy today to report that he successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

What we can learn from this story, is that gender does not have to be limited to the  male/female modernist binary that we have conceptualized; indeed gender is fluid and subject to change at the desire of the individual. It is my fervent wish, that this little girl will not have to deal with the bigotry, and trans hate that her parents have faced. Though people who are transgender deal with many instances of violence, and abuse in our society, it is my hope that we will begin to accept a more open definition of gender, because the future happiness, and safety of our children depends on it.

Colluders Justify Rape Of 11 Year Old Child

In 2006 an 11 year old girl was subject to rape by as many as 20 men and boys over the course of hours.   According to MSNBC, "The people convicted ranged in age from 13 to 40 at the time of the assault. Most received prison sentences of four to 15 years. The 40-year-old man got 25 years, while the 16-year-old girl was sentenced to up to three years in a juvenile facility."

Reading this story I was filled with sadness that someone so young had to go through something so horrific. It is yet another example of the fact that black female bodies are considered bodies that are ultimately meant for male sexual satisfaction.  Whether it is in media representations, or social construction, the black female is always considered to be less than, and as such an open target for rape.

As if this story wasn't heart wrenching enough, the commentary from the colluders filled me with such a violent rage.

"A number of women in the girl's neighbourhood said the males involved were good people who made bad decisions."

Let's be clear, a rapist is not a good person, who made a bad decision. There is nothing redeemable about someone who thinks that they possess the right to violate anyone in this manner. Whatever prior good acts they may have committed are mitigated by this one event.   There are some actions that we perform in life that become main identifiers, and rape qualifies as such an act. It is an assertion of power, and an act of hatred against women. To defend such an action is to agree that all women at anytime are available for rape, if the man in question happens to be a "nice guy".

"Five years? Ten years? That's ridiculous," said LaToya Bell, 22, sitting on a porch with four others who nodded in agreement. "They (are) getting time for nothing. That girl, she knew what she was doing."

Yes, an 11 year old child knew when she was coerced by a 16 year old girl, that the end result would be sex with multiple men. Stop blaming the victim! We hold police to higher standards than this when we deal with entrapment, and yet this child is supposed to be able to understand, what she was "allegedly consenting" too.

There are those that have told me, that I am too hard on colluders. I on the other hand, believe that I have not attacked them enough. Women who support acts of violation against other women are dangerous. This can be reified by the fact that in this case, the rapists were aided by a female. Collusion often times leads to more than words, it leads to complicity in action. The 16 year old girl did not identify with the 11 year old female victim, no instead she found solidarity with a gang of rapists. It is only thorough feeling contempt, for everything female, is it possible for a young woman to aid in the abuse of an 11 year old girl.  When rapists attack us they can count on the colluders to provide support, and encouragement of their behaviour.  The internalized hatred that colluders present to world impacts all women, in that it encourages men to believe that they have the right to violate, and abuse us as they see fit.  Power can never truly be disturbed as long as there are women who falsely identify with patriarchy.  Colluders are to the advancement of the women's rights movement, what the house slave was to the abolition of slavery.

4 Dollars A Gallon Leads To Prostitution


According to, Angela R. Eversole, 34, of Fort Wright, is accused of prostitution and doing business without an occupational license.

Kenneth A. Nowak, 50, of Avon, Ind., told police they met at the hotel Friday night for a sexual liaison, according to the arrest report. The report says he paid her with a $100 gas card and other gifts.

"When people are selling their bodies for gas, that's pretty sad," said Ken Easterling, chief prosecutor in the Kenton County Attorney's Office.

Yes it is horrible that someone would be reduced to trading their bodies for sex but with the cost of essential needs rising more and more are going to be reduced to this kind of activity. I find it particularly telling that he commented on this, and yet had no compunction about making sure that Angela was charged with a crime.

Fort Wright Police Chief Dan Kreinest said, "We're looking to make a point to people in that business that they're not welcome,"

Yes that dirty, dirty business, but where are these women to go? This is more of the same, "not in my backyard mentality" that is so common throughout society. Chase away the dirty whores but do nothing in regard to changing their material circumstances in the first place. As the gap between the rich and the poor continues to rise can we really afford to keep criminalizing activity that offers women a chance of procuring subsistence needs?

This is a complete misdirection and blinds us as to who the true criminals in our society are. Why are we not prosecuting the heads of industry who have made their fortune exploiting the masses....that's right the money gouging oil executives? How about the politicians who routinely cut taxes for the richest amongst us? What about Walmart..king of gender discrimination, and illegal work practices? How about Monsanto, who with their GMO foods are destroying our food supply? No the real criminals are these over exploited women who have the temerity to sell the only commodity they have, their bodies. We are to turn our backs on the social injustice that leads to situations like this, forever blind to the imbalance of capitalism. No, not in my backyard, there is only room there for the indebted purchases that I have made to support a system that is intent on squeezing every last bit if humanity out of the proletarian class. When we remove moral judgement from the activity of the sex trade, and simply examine it within the relations of trade how indeed can we fault these women for their struggles?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Esmin Green...Yes She Mattered

image I have started and deleted this post several times.  As a WOC I am deeply troubled by what happened to Esmin Green.  Her death once again reminds us which bodies matter in our society.  Ms.Green faced multiple areas of stigmatization, she was female, black and mentally ill.  These issues combined are enough to create her as other, and less than in our society.  In a culture that values money, masculinity, and whiteness such marginalization often results in death. In fact death has become so commonplace that often it is not extensively reported on.

Esmin Green was left to die alone, and  uncared for on a hospital floor. As she writhed on the floor in obvious pain, it was all clearly observable from a video camera.  At one point a security guard even entered the room, but did not take the time to investigate, or check on the clearly ill woman.  She collapsed at 5:32am and it wasn't until 6:35am, that an employee nudged her with her foot, and determined that she was in distress. Even on the tape on the investigation of her death, she was simply referred to as "the woman".  Clearly her social standing has attached itself to her now silent and cold body.  What kind of world is this where someone can be observed to be ill, and in pain for more than hour, before help is called?  She was not even considered worthy of a tap on the shoulder, no her status only earned her a nudge with a foot. 

According to CNN, "The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, which oversees the hospital, released a statement Tuesday saying it was "shocked and distressed by this situation. It is clear that some of our employees failed to act based on our compassionate standards of care."

Yes they most certainly did...but this upset is only because there were caught in their negligence.  Women akin to Esmin don't matter, they never have, and I doubt that they ever will, in my lifetime.  Really who cares about some mentally ill, poor black woman. If she cannot be exploited any longer, she might as well die and decrease the surplus population.  It was with callousness, and disregard for the sanctity of life, that the hospital staff acted.

As I sit and type up yet another sad report on the death of a WOC, I must ask once again where is the outrage?  Before typing this I roamed all over the feminist blogsphere  looking for some mention on this horrible miscarriage of justice, only once again to find silence.   At feministing you will find stories on Mortgentaler, Sexism in the media, and critique of a Kegels gym.  At Shakesville you will find, a post on Ingrid Betancourt, the show Americas Got Talent, Destroying Hillary Clinton Part II, Obama expanding faith based education, images of dogs, What Would Mao Do, and finally a post entitled begone wanton trollops which appears to be a critique of Kathleen Parker. At Feministe you will find, Stocking a library with Feminist books, Fathers Owning Daughters, and I am not a coffee drinker. Three mainstream feminist blogs and not one mention of Esmin Green.  The sad part about this, is that I am no longer surprised by the silence.

Earlier today I read a response by "The Flash" that she/he (not sure of gender preference) left on the thread Stealth, Marginalized Communities and the F Word at Feministe.

"Frankly, I’m constantly alienated away from feminism by the impulse to redefine feminism as needing to solve all problems. Why does feminism need to encompass anti-racism and anti-colonialism and anti-ableism and all these other anti-isms? why do feminists need to only identify as feminists and therefore make everything they believe into a feminist issue? It is possible to talk about power and privilege in many contexts, and trying to turn feminism into a one-stop-shop for progressive politics renders it meaningless. There are issues shared by feminists and other progressive activists, but that doesn’t mean that feminism needs to be redefined to include all of these things."

I think that, that statement fully explains the silence when deaths like Esmin Green occur. There is a lot of lipservice to intersectionality, and caring about multiple sites of oppression but our deaths, our rapes, our violations really do not matter. The category 'woman' is subsumed by rich or middle class white women, and anything falling short of the ideal is someone else's problem.  The fact that we are all women is unimportant, when one considers the political agenda that has been set out by mainstream feminism. Race and class are not issues that are deemed viable for social action simply because they do not heavily impact upon the group, that has elected themselves as representatives of the feminist community.

When I was attacked for not showing remorse at Hillary's loss of the Democratic nomination, I could not properly explain why, I could not feel the same sort of angst. The truth is, I am tired. I am so very tired of watching daily, helplessly as our bodies go abused and unrecognized. I am tired of being a filler when a representative black is needed, yet when my sisters cry out in real pain our calls for solidarity go unheard and unanswered.  How can we  call this a community, when daily the deaths of WOC  go unremarked upon? I have seen more people have emotion over the death of a pet dog than when bodies of colour die.

Your silence convicts you. When you do not show rage, and  when you cannot find the time to comment on a story like this, you are in collusion with every single person who is racist. Silence does not absolve you of the charge, rather it implies explicit agreement. I know whose bodies matter in this society and feminism has clearly chosen to align itself with whiteness and money, it is therefore foolish for women of colour to continue to direct our energies for your benefit.  I am no longer fooled by the world ally. Maya Angelou once famously said, that people will always show you who they are, and I believe that mainstream feminism has made it clear, who belongs in the sandbox, and who is raking the sand.

Morgentaler Given The Order Of Canada

Morgentaler is a survivor of polish concentration camps but he is most famous for performing abortions. This honour that was bestowed upon him affirms a woman's right to choose. Having the ability to control whether or not you will become a parent is essential to the health and well being of women. It was his victory in court that eventually struck down Canada's ban on abortions in 1988. With his victory women were no longer dependent on getting the consent of a panel of three doctors. For the first time they were able to take full control of their bodies and their futures. Of course the pro birth (note I refuse to call them pro-life) people were up in arms over his appointment.

According to the CBC, The Campaign Life Coalition said it is dreadful that a man who spent his life performing abortions should be honoured. The coalition is urging other Order of Canada recipients to return their medals in protest.

"If Morgentaler had any integrity, he would refuse the medal," Mary Ellen Douglas of the coalition said in a news release. "This presentation should be given to people who have made Canada a better place to live and the elimination of thousands of human beings who would have contributed to the future of Canada is a disgrace, not an honour."

What these people refuse to consider is the lives of how many women that he saved from botched abortions. Whether or not abortion is legal women are still going to attempt them, thus not only ending the life of the foetus but their lives as well. What Morgentaler did through his actions was to potentially save lives but to these pro-birth people, women don't actually count. In actuality the foetus really does not count either, as in their bid to ensure birth they loose interest in the child once it begins to live and breath in our socially unjust world.

According to Campaign 2000, "788,000 that is 11% of children live in poverty. 41% of low-income children live in families where at least one parent works full-time all year, and the family still lives in poverty. Poverty hits children in racialized, First Nations and recent immigrant communities much more often."

This is the world that we are encouraging women to bring children into, and yet for all of their passion and zeal, these pro-birth people do not visibly argue for improving conditions to make it possible for women to want to have more children. We have no socialized day care program. Our universal childcare benefit of 100 dollars a month does not pay for the equivalent of an average week of daycare, and is subject to taxation at the end of the year. This meager benefit also ends when the child turns six, as though the need for daycare stops then.

The cost of basic human needs is rising daily. The average rent in my province for a one bedroom apartment is 800 dollars a month. Even someone working full-time at minimum wage would be hard pressed to pay that figure, as before taxes they earn $1,440 a month. With the cost of utilities rising many Canadians are forced to make the choice between having heat and electricity, or feeding themselves. Even the food they are able to eat has become compromised as prices continue to rise. People are "choosing" a fatty, high starch diet as fresh fruit and vegetables are quickly becoming out of the reach of many. Work harder they say, get two jobs, but Canadians are actually working more hours than they ever have. Go back to school and get more training, but tuition continues to rise. For a year of higher education in 90/91 the average tuition was $1,464, and in 2003/04 the tuition was $4,025. Everywhere the poor and impoverished turn there are roadblocks in place to prevent any kind of social advancement.

I am not claiming that abortion is only a concern for the poor, however the chances of living in poverty marketedly improve when a woman is single and living with a child. I believe that if you are going to advocate for life, it should also include the quality of that life. To force women to have children and then offer no concrete support is unconscionable. So I for one will celebrate the award given to Dr. Morgentaler because not only did he save many lives, he offered women the opportunity to chose, thus allowing them to not only have autonomy of their bodies but the possibility of escaping a lifetime of poverty.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Relationship Advice: Colluders Strike Again

Regular readers know that I have an obsession with colluders. Those women that work on behalf of patriarchy, undermining the success of women just push me right over the edge. While they are busy advocating submission they seem to have forgotten which team they are actually playing on. Be careful what you advocate colluders, because the societal order that you are pushing will eventually apply to you.

Colluders often support patriarchy by pushing a submissive role for women in heterosexual relationships. They think that we will be blind to this submission because they couch it in the "how to get a man" discourse. Let us put aside the argument that all women are desperately in search of a man for fulfillment and look at some of the common suggestions that are offered. I had the misfortune to stumble across The Divine Caroline and her "Top 10: What Every Man Loves In A Woman."

You are an independent woman, not a clinger.

Men love it when you include them in your life, but do not make them your life. Keep your gym routine, your friends, your family and make sure you never let him see you sweat if he can’t make it. Your life goes on with or without him; and if you act like this, you will never be without him!

So far so good Caroline. Yes women should always keep their own identity regardless of their status of single or engaged.

You are sexy, hot, but not slutty.

That’s right, men like it when you turn the head of every guy in the room, as long as you are on his arm and let everyone know it. Don’t ever flirt with his guy friends, and always make sure you let him know he’s the apple of your eye.

Don't you dare step out of line. Make sure that your sexuality conforms to what he finds acceptable otherwise you are a dirty slut. Even though you may be stunningly attractive, it is important that he not feel the threat of competition for your attention. The male ego is fragile, and it is your job to continually prop it up. He needs to be sure that his girlfriend (read:possession) is sufficiently obedient. Any sign of autonomy will be viewed as traitors and desirous of the slut label.

You remember to do the little things, just like you did in the beginning.

You don’t expect him to take you out to dinner every night, a home cooked meal is always a nice surprise. You surprise him with his favourite Starbucks drink when he gets up in the morning. And, you never, ever forget those special occasions: Superbowl Sunday, NCCA Final Four and the NBA finals!

Notice how the home cooked meal is the job of the woman. A man may purchase your faithfulness and allegiance but you a mere woman must return the favour by dutiful servitude in the household. Most of all make sure that his interests are a top priority, because anything that might get your attention is necessarily unimportant and trivial anyway.

You let him pursue you.

The Geico commercials have it right, there are still cavemen out there and they love the hunt. That means: don’t call him first, don’t text, and don’t try to find where he is going to be. If he wants to see you, nothing will stand in his way…nothing.

This of course falls under the category of don't be slutty. You may have desires all of your own, but it is your job to make sure that he feels the thrill of conquest. A woman is to be conquered by a man thus setting the correct tone for her future role of complete submission of will. The more people perform essentialist gender roles the better for society anyway. It worked for June and Ward Cleaver, so it can work for you. Forget that they were a TV couple and that the 50's domesticity wasn't as idyllic as presented. Remember the movie Field of Dreams..."if you build it they will come"

You never utter the words “where is this going?”

We call those “The Final Four.” Enough said. Let him dictate the pace of the relationship. If you don’t, you will forever be asking that question.

Now this is absolutely a vital piece of advice. Only the man can set the terms of the relationship and decide if he will honour you with the presentation of the gold ring. Don't think about the fact that you are wasting your time with someone that won't commit, eventually he will reward you for you obedience and patience. Remember you always give your pet dog a treat when he does a trick and hopefully the same will apply to you, if you cross your little fingers.

You demand respect.

This is not just for your guy, it is also for yourself. That means you don’t sleep with a man on the first date, or even the second. You wait until you know the time is right. And if he is the right kind of guy, he will wait too.

Of course respect can only be gained by monitoring your sexual activity. This again falls under the don't be a slut category. The more chaste and pure that you are, the greater the chance that you will be rewarded with your new slave name in marriage. Remember sex only happens on his terms.

You impose a two-drink maximum on yourself when you go out.

No man likes a sloppy drunk party girl. Those girls are fun to play with, not to stay with.

Decorum and propriety are an absolute necessity in a future wife. He of course may drink as much, and at any time without arising a sense of anger in you. Anger of course is another unattractive female emotion.

You never humiliate him in front of friends, family, or co-workers.

Ever been standing between that couple who likes to throw cutting remarks at one another? It’s not only uncomfortable for third parties, it’s damaging all around. Avoid being those people, be loving, kind and never try to degrade a man for a cheap laugh.

This one falls under making sure the male ego is always supported. Of course he cannot take a joke at his expense made by you. It would signify to the world cannot control his woman. If he cannot control you that would mean that *gasp* you are equals. No real man is the equal of a woman. King of the jungle remember.

Watch your language.

That means let him take the lead when it comes to words like: puppies, babies and marriage. Take those words out of your vocabulary, at least until you are wearing the ring.

Don't talk about your future goals, as that might scare the poor baby off. Better to present a dishonest image of yourself so that you can have the honour of wearing "the dress and train". Heaven forbid that he understand that you are interested in more than sharing a sports illustrated magazine subscription together.

You say yes.

That’s right, the sex doesn’t go away once you get the guy. There is nothing more frustrating to a man than a woman who is sexual in the beginning, and then uses it as a weapon. Make sure you don’t play games.

Don't ever have a headache or feel the least bit disinterested in sex. It is your job to make sure he achieves his mandatory 3x a week orgasm. Remember he didn't commit to a relationship with you to masturbate. Keep the penis dancing, and it keeps the man delighted. That is why God put a cum receptacle between your legs in the first place. It certainly isn't about your sexual satisfaction.

Okay colluders I will be sure to avoid all of your relationship advice because once again it is based on suppressing my agency and autonomy to "catch" a man. The way to happiness is not in the complete submission in everything about me that makes me who I am. At the end of the day, if a relationship means the loss of personal identity it is not really a relationship, it is rather a slave and master contract wherein the man rules without question. Given a choice between owning the yolk of oppression in my private life and the buzzing of a vibrator I think that a little self love is certainly a choice that would make me happier.

Happy Canada Day!

canadaWell here we go again...It is time to celebrate the birth of "our" nation.  This is a day when Canadians on mass practice revisionist history blissfully over as many beers as they can keep down.  While in the process of celebration very few stop to think about the fact that this nation would not exist without the murders of millions of aboriginal peoples.  In fact to this day they are greatly marginalized in "our" society.  They are over represented in our prison population, and many still live today in abject poverty.  So essentially what we are celebrating is nearly destroying aboriginal peoples in the quest for land and conquest.

    Canada day is further made problematic in that it is a reminder that this is a world of divisions.  Borders are a social construction that are divisive to mankind.  Countries function in such a way that they exclude others for the purposes of exploitation. In the interest of "Canadian" people the government engages in unfair trading practices, exploiting others simply because they inhabit a different region of the globe.  In the interest of the "Canadian" people industry continues to pollute the earth in order to keep the "Canadian" economy afloat.  In the interest of the "Canadian" people soldiers are engaged in a neo-imperialistic war in Afghanistan.

    When you celebrate Canada day, take a moments pause and think to yourself what it would mean to celebrate a globe day.  A day when all of the peoples of the earth could unite in equality and freedom.  Think about the land that you are standing on, and who it really belongs to, and what the actual cost was to humankind for you to be standing where you are.  Celebrate humanity, and not a country built on exploitation, near genocide of a people, and false ideology.

Where Am I From

I came across this video at Feministing.  It is a segment of 60 minutes where a woman finds out through DNA testing that she has a white male relative.  Jessica correctly points out that there is no mention of the systemic rape of black women that occurred during slavery.  We are to embrace our common ancestry without discussing the possibility that this ancestry only exists because of white male violence against black females. How do I know that these weren't love affairs? It is simply a fact even the most racially tolerant white person existed with such racial privilege, and power that it negates any possibility of equality in a relationship. Power in this case removes the possibility of consent. We cannot look at relationships like that between Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson as a love affair when he literally held the power of life and death over her.

Where am I from is a question that most blacks want answered. We know that we have a relative that was enslaved in Africa, but because our identity and ancestry have been lost to the sands of time, we cannot know what country or tribe that descendant came from. It is a question that I have often wondered about.  Somewhere across an ocean I have relatives who go about their daily lives in complete ignorance of my existence. Somewhere I have a family that was cruelly severed from me, perhaps forever. Who are these people? Would I find myself reflected in their eyes, or their patterns of behaviour? According to the following 60 Minutes report there are some answers available. Will these answers bring closure or will they simply lead to more questions? In the end I believe that  these questions about identity, may only be answered by accepting the fact that though there are differences between us, we are all apart of the same human family. In a sense we are all of the same blood.

Hillary The Ten Million Dollar Whore

This story was sent in by the Blue Linchpin.  I love to read blogs because often you can find challenging commentary that would not appear in the mainstream press.  I find that certain bloggers are constantly able to challenge my view of certain issues, thus aiding my growth as a person.  There are some bloggers though that are more like a kind of mental virus, spreading inane ideas or conceptualizations. An example of one such blog is the Malignant Liberal Idiocy

Whether or not you are a fan of either Hillary or Barack descending to the point where you call them whores and johns invalidates any argument. By doing this you are appealing to sexism and racism to demean, rather than making a legitimate argument against their political positions. It is the appeal of a limited mind.

Prostitution isn’t just for Nevada anymore and this high-priced hooker leaves Elliot Spitzer’s flesh merchant in the dust! Hillary Clinton likely sets the record for most expensive (un-) happy hooker in history. $10 million is a lot of money, but Barry doesn’t have to pay the price for his pleasure, himself. On the contrary, he has asked his big donors to foot the bill ( or is it Bill) at the Clinton Cat House.

Right Hillary the "dirty girl". Why bother to even attack what she represented politically, it is far easier to just refer to her as a whore.  She was not actually trying to achieve something running for the POTUS, no she was selling herself and should be looked down upon for daring to step outside of her domestic duties as wife and mother. So let me make sure I get this right, liberal Hillary Clinton is a whore and  conservative McCain, who called his wife a cunt and is behind on his taxes is a morally upstanding person because he has a penis right? When white men run for political office, it is for the greater social good and when white women do it they are dirty whores. Yep, simple argument from a simple mind. Stupid is, as stupid does.

It is hard to believe that the dope of hope, the second coming, is dumb enough to believe he can buy the Clintons for $10 million. It is possible that this “trick” will be enough to help the political whore overcome her sense of entitlement to the highest office in the land… but I doubt it. Most likely, the Capitol Hill Call Girl won’t take this lying down. Hillary will accept the debt alleviating donations, say the required lines, and give the robotic smile, but what will her underlings do?

One, she cannot control what those that work under her do. Please take the time to tell me why endorsing Barack is considered whoredom when she does it? I don't see you referring to the many people who endorsed Barack as a whore. Typically when you loose the nomination of your party, you come together to endorse the winning candidate. I suggest that no matter what Hillary did, you would have found a problem with it simply because she is a woman.

Of course Barack is going to purchase her services because you know the black man cannot keep his greedy dick away from white pussy. He will fall all over himself to get it because the white woman is a prize. Foul isn't it, but that is the imagery that you are implying. They cannot escape such base accusations because arguments like yours are meant to constantly remind us that we are dealing with a white woman and a black man, and therefore any commerce between them is necessarily circumspect.

A person would have to be extremely trusting to believe that the wife of The Rapist would be content to let her entitled throne pass her by. Hilly didn’t “stand by her man” for nothing! The presidency is her destiny and I believe she will attempt to snatch it by “hook” or by crook.

Right, because you are privy to what happens inside of the Clinton marriage. One it is none of your damn business, and two you don't know for a fact that they do not have an open marriage. For all you know Hillary could have been having a happy little release in the tea room. Unless you are their marriage counsellor you have no right to speculate on why they are still together. But then moral judgements are your specialty, without that you would have no commentary would you?

Finally calling her a whore is an attempt to reduce who she is as a person. We are meant to think of a whore as a dirty, disgusting subhuman thing.  It is not the "John" that is a foul exploiter, nooo it is all the fault of the dirty, licentious, greedy cunt. That is what it comes down to for minds like yours...the cunt. They don't exist as real people, with emotions, with a history, no they are severed from all of that. They are just mindlessly roving, disease spreading, predatory  cunts.  The system in which we all live does not exploit women at all, or force them in anyway to make difficult choices for survival. If only we could only all learn to be dutifully submissive to our marginalization maybe we could escape the stigmatization  of  being whores.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Freedom Writers

 According to CNN,  Connie Heermann an Indiana teacher was suspended from her job for teaching her class, "The Freedom Writers Diary".   It is an anthology of stories written by inner city kids under the tutelage of  English teacher Erin Gruwell.   The kids tell their story in their own words, and most of the student authors went on too college. According to the school board it is the language in the book that caused this to be such a contentious issue.  Apparently not only are Carlins 7 little words to hot for the airwaves, they are too controversial for school. 

As I watched the video clip on the story I could not help but be struck by the fact that only one person on the school board appeared to be of colour  and furthermore, those in attendance where also overwhelmingly white. Is this really all about language?  Of the 150 permission slips that were sent out regarding the book, 149 parents gave assent for their children to read this book. Obscenity is commonly judged by community standards, and it would seem that those affected by the exposure to "The Freedom Writers Diary", were not upset.

Let's be honest for just one minute. No child reaching high school has not heard words like shit, fuck or even motherfucker. Are these words that we would like our children to use as a part of their daily language..of course not. Are children irreparably damaged by hearing or reading such Daily in classrooms across North America Shakespeare is taught and very seldom is their complaint about the violence, misogyny and racism in his plays, and yet the true life story of under privileged youth is deemed too obscene for the classroom.

Despite the approval of the parents it was decided that the content would do more harm than good. Really??? The story of underprivileged youth struggling in neighbourhoods filled with gang violence, and poverty who somehow managed to rise above and go to college is harmful? HUH? This is a true lost in translation moment here folks.  Nope, kids should not learn to emphasize with the struggles of others that don't look exactly like them. Nope, kids should not learn that even in the worst conditions it is possible to rise above. Children should also most certainly not learn exactly how ugly poverty, and gang violence are. We would not want them to be shocked into not feeling alone in this world, or caring about the larger social issues that effect this planet. We want another generation of self absorbed twits devoted to consumerism, capitalism and the american way, despite the social injustice that this causes.  Clearly the way forward is to further isolate ourselves from each other because nothing can be gained by a little social cohesion...NOOO then we might get ideas that involve communal values. We might begin to actually care about each other, and we all know that community and the pursuit of money do not blend well in the melting pot, where everyone's voice is supposedly equal. It's not censorship, or silencing, oh no its protecting the innocent.

Star Trek and Women

I am a huge Star Trek fan.  I have been watching it since I was child.  It is a show that I have never given much critical thought to, other than acknowledging its multi-racial cast. One of the useless tidbits floating in my brain is the fact that Star Trek featured the first interracial kiss.  It wasn't until I came across the following video, that I stopped and thought about Star Treks treatment of women. You see, it was just a show that I have become accustomed to viewing without thought.

It seems that Star Trek does not deserve the free pass that I have given it for all of these years. Watch and tell me what you think.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Saartjie Project

One of my readers forwarded me an e-mail regarding an upcoming show in Washington.  Normally I don't do promotional things like this, but I am making an exception because of the subject matter.  If you don't live in the area, take the time to investigate the story of Saartjie, it will lead to an understanding of how and why the black female is characterized in the western world today. I have never forgotten the first time I heard her story, and I promise you, neither will you.

The Saartjie Project Launches New Site; Uses Community Theatre to Explore Politics Around The Black Female Body

– The Saartjie Project, a collective of artists and activists exploring the life and legacy of Saartjie (Sara) Baartman is taking to the stage this August!  Saartjie (Sara) Baartman was a South African woman exhibited throughout Britain and Paris, showing what to Europeans were highly unusual bodily features – her buttocks, breasts and vagina. From 1810 to 1815 she became an object, used at will and freely disposed of by those who robbed her of her identity.
This summer we bring her story to life through song, dance and spoken word. Jasmine Coles, Creative Advisor to The Saartjie Project said, "We are extremely excited about the production and are committed to using art as a catalyst of self-expression, self-definition and healing. Join us!" Performances will be held at the DC Arts Center, 2438 18th Street, NW on August 22nd and August 23rd. The show begins at 7:30pm nightly. A portion of the proceeds will go to HIPS, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt community based organization in Washington DC.
For additional information on The Saartje Project or ticket sales, contact Jessica Solomon or visit The Saartjie Project official website,


The Saartjie Project is a community-based organization that uses theatre, coalition building and art as catalysts for self-expression, self-definition and healing. The Saartjie Project will perform in Washington DC at the DC Arts Center on August 22nd and 23rd at 7:30pm.
HIPS mission is to assist female, male, and transgendered individuals engaging in sex work in Washington, DC in leading healthy lives. Using a harm reduction model, HIPS' programs strive to address the impact that HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, discrimination, poverty, violence and drug use have on the lives of individuals engaging in sex work.