Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apparently Transgender People Need To Stay With Their Own Kind

Here we go again with the transphobia.  I am absolutely fucking sick of writing about this shit.  It seems so obvious to me that the trans person standing next to me, or sharing a laugh and a smile with me, is no different than anyone else and yet some people because they are so ignorant and have a desire to preserve cisgender privilege cannot seem to grasp the simple concept that we create a difference in worth and value; it is not naturally occurring. 

An Appleton transgendered woman filed a lawsuit against a College Avenue club, after she says she was denied entrance due to her gender identity. The complaint says Sierra Broussard, wasn't allowed admittance because "The employee or owner of Park Central then suggested to Sierra, while in a public forum, that she go to another club, one that caters to "her kind". '

What the fuck is her kind?  The idea that humanity can be divided into sub sections has led to some of the worst crimes.   When Hitler was filling the crematoriums, it is because he viewed Jews as less than, when whites were enslaving blacks it is because we were viewed as less than, and when the Hutu were murdering Tutsi it was because they had come to view them as less than. 

It may seem like this is just one little incident of a company choosing to be hateful and transphobic but it is a symbol of the treatment that trans people must live with every single day. Each time someone justifies their hatred and ignorance by asserting a difference that does not exist, they are supporting all of the different ways in which trans people continue to be disenfranchised by our society.  Transpeople continue to be targets of violence precisely because we continue to construct them as “other”.   The trans panic defence for murder exists simply because of the idea that trans people are less than. 

As a WOC, I am well aware of what policies like this mean and how damaging they are to human dignity.  It was not long ago that under Jim Crow legislation that blacks had to use separate bathrooms, and drink from separate water fountains.   Even with a black man as president blacks have still not recovered from the apartheid like system that held North America hostage  When I read of the struggles of trans people I cannot help but identify with their pain and their hardships.  I know all to well what it is to be deemed insignificant because of the way you are born.

I wonder as she stood there how many people bothered to say anything at al?  I wonder how many people realized what a threat this kind of thinking is to a free society?  Any “public forum” that does not allow entrance based on gender identity is not a public forum, it is a den of hate.   I realize that for the most part I am preaching to the choir but if there is anyone out there reading this who believes even for a moment that it is okay to exclude someone based on their gender identity, I would suggest that it is you that it is the anomaly, it is you that is the freak show.

It is at times like this when I am the most frustrated with blogging.  Often words fail to capture the depth of my feeling.  I know that it is important to keep having conversations and to raise awareness but this kind of stunning ignorance calls for more than an outraged blog posting.  My eloquence fails me and I find myself wanting to scream fuck you, to this ignorant turd that felt that he had the right devalue anyone like this.  My mind flashes to Angie Zappata and Duanna Johnson and I know that they can never achieve justice until we live in a world where someones gender identity is immaterial to their value.  Tonight I am angry, truly enraged  and lost in regret that all I have to offer are my words to this most worthy struggle.

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