Sunday, January 4, 2009

Asian Invasion

Beau Sia

Transcript Is Below The Fold

What's up America?  I don't mean to sound uppity but crouching tiger hidden dragon, wasn't our one shot at love.  It's the precursor of what's to come. Oh hey it's cool to like these Asian people as long as their being Asian on the big screen and it's in Asia and it's a long time ago and their dressed Asian, and their speaking Asian, thank God for the subtitles.  And who cares as long as their kissing other Asians I have nothing to worry about right?  Wrong motherfucker 'cause we're not just on the big screen in the kung foo flicks you adore, we are everywhere.  We are programming your websites making your executives look smart and getting into your schools for free.  That's right raise the bar and we'll meet it.  And we're not just kissing other Asians, our mad sexy asses are getting play all over the ethnic spectrum.  How the fuck do you think Tiger Woods, Rob Schneider and Keanu Reeves were made?  And you know what, its only going to get bigger.  The Asian invasion is a reality and we fuck so good it's only going to get bigger.  Bigger than Chinese on t-shirts, Japanese in rap songs and yoga, bigger than playstation II, curry and tae kwon do.  Bigger than Honda, sister in-laws and east Asian studies minors.  You asked for a global economy, well so sorry if it blows up in your face and goes beyond getting a billion Chinese on AOL eating KFC in their GAP  khakis.  Am I ranting, fuck yeah.  You are not shutting me up until the eggroll is recognized as an American food. Cause I got a chip on my shoulder the size of 25 years of being under represented, lumped into a group and made to feel inadequate and I've had enough.  I clearly have a non specific game plan but right now it's just very very angry.  It will be better thought out later. So until then rise up cause the highest per capita income group in this nation must realize the political power of this in a country built on moolah.  I'm not saying eliminate anymore.  I'm not a racist.  You are Texas.  I'm saying let's give America the melting pot it's always talked about and watch eyes get smaller, hair get darker and everyone fuck that much better. 

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