Friday, January 2, 2009

Children Of A Lesser God

Deb Young.

This video comes with an extreme trigger warning as it discuss rape and child molestation in vivid terms.

Transcript is below the fold.

Ya know me na understand why my uncle John insist fa hold up me hand while me asleep.  And if me open up me eye and look ina he face, he tell me to close ya eye don't be shy, don't make no noise.  Ca me nah wan ya motha ta wake ina de place. Don't tell nobody what a go on.  Me have a special love fa you, ya motha na go understand, so keep this between me and you.  Last week him tkae his time and him climb pon top a me, then he open up him pants and he hol down me hands and ..And now it hurt between me legs when me a walk. Me have a spread me leg apart when me a walk. Me have to sit down on the side when me at school, because the benches feel to hard.  De pickney dem at school laff after me hehee. Dem point and jeer all day long and me best friend Pam, tell me fa look pon me skirt,when me turn it around me get a big alert.  Me did a bleed and bleed pon me uniform. Red blood, red blood all day long.  Blood is the colour of the rainbow when brown girls consider suicide and love is not enough.  Uncle John me na like it when you touch me right there. Mama said me shouldn't let nobody touch me right there.  Uncle John this is wrong, please let go of me hand.  Uncle John this is wrong please put on back ya pants.  Tonight she a go sleep with a knife.  Pam tell her uncle John that night should only touch his wife. She tell him she na wan his special love, but him still insist to take her from above.  So tonight uncle John take him time. Him climb pon top a her, she stick the knife inna him spine. Him never hol her hand, him never take off her pants and all him feel is pain, again, and again.  All him feel is pain, again and again.  All him feel is pain again, and again. 

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