Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Hello everyone.  Once again I have the usual collection of posts that I found interesting this week.  Please take the time to check them out.  As usual this is an open thread, so don’t forget to drop it like its hot and leave you link in the comment thread.

I would also like to remind everyone that I am accepting guests posts to help broaden the conversations that we are having on the blog.  Just send me an e-mail with your post and we can take it from there. I would like to thank everyone that  contributed this week, it lead to some really great conversations.

In other business, I am once again reminding everyone about the WOC and ally carnivalPlease submit your posts. I am looking for posts either written by WOC, or that discuss the ways in which race interacts with the other isms.  I’m warning you, if I don’t get more submissions I might have to come knocking on your blog door. 

Read This-and Resolve Again to Be All In

Baynard Rustin, An Unsung Civil Rights Hero

Is it good to give head?

Myths About Lipstick Lesbians

Why I Became A Feminist (written by a man)

Poverty VS Domestic Violence and Women Who Are Homeless

Shared Differences Examines LGBT Students Of Colour

Being “colour blind” Is Not A Solution

TY Turns First Daughters Into “Girlz

White people cannot know how it feels to be a person of colour


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