Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everyone Deserves A Roof

EDAR is the name of a portable housing unit designed by Peter Samuelson.  After noticing a homeless woman sleeping in a box that held a refrigerator, he decided that something more can and should be done.

“Well into the twenty-first century, if the best our advanced society can do for the hundreds of thousands of homeless human beings… men, women and children… who live among us is the cast-off box our refrigerator came in, what exactly does that say about us?” - Peter Samuelson

The government has finally said the dreaded R word: recession, but are we not all actually in a depression.  Daily the jobless rate rises and with most already living pay check to pay check being out of work for even a few weeks is enough to push those already living on the margins into homelessness.  We can no longer walk past these people as though they are non existent. 

This crises highlights exactly why I believe that our idea of private property as normal is deeply inhumane.  With all of the advances that we have accomplished, to know that there are families sleeping on the streets because they could not afford to pay a blood sucking landlord is a terrible thing.  Shelter should be considered a human right. 

The only thing we have not commodified is air, and in time if we can find a way we will turn a profit from that as well.  When will there come a point when we decide that people are ultimately more valuable than money? You cannot eat money, or gain shelter from money, it is only a means of exchange.  The will of the market does not care about the surplus population, it cares only about amassing more profits.

While I am thankful that EDAR exists and fully support anything that makes life easier for those that are suffering, I cannot help but ask, can we not do more?  I think about the 6000 sq foot homes, sports cars, and the shiny blood baubles on display, and wonder how it is that one person can live in such wealth when millions are suffering. No one is entitled to such privilege and yet we have created the differences between us as a natural occurrence.  We talk about survival of the fittest and forget that mankind is better than that, we have the ability to think and reason.  For all of our intelligence, what have we wrought but pain and suffering to the planet we call home?

In these tough times those of us that understand that we must all share our burdens must band together if we are to have any hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Sponsor wheels: $50
Sponsor a frame: $75
Sponsor a mattress: $125
Sponsor a roof: $250
Sponsor one EDAR unit: $500

For more information on EDAR---remember everyone single one of us matters and everyone deserves a roof.

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