Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year


I want to take this time to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.  I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my little blog.  When I started Womanist Musings, I did not imagine that it would turn into such a wonderful, vibrant community.  All of your comments, and the great conversations we have had are greatly appreciated.

It is my hope to not only continue our great conversations, but to broaden them in the New Year.  Many of you have sent in suggestions for topics for me to blog about and I appreciate that, at this time I am encouraging you to write the story yourself and send it in so that I can post it.  Many of you have left such poignant commentary that I would love to open up this space even further for your thoughts, and your ideas.

It is my hope to increase the number of guests posts thus creating a space where many voices can be heard.  Lets keep talking. lets keep looking for answers, lets decide that 2009 will be the start of something new.  I know that together, with our shared dedication to justice we can all perform micro activism that will lead to a better world.  If we can all just understand each other a little better, that alone will be a great achievement.

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