Monday, January 5, 2009

I Can't Read

Lamont Carey

Transcript is below the fold

I'm eleven years old in the sixth grade and I can't read.  The class is so full that the teacher doesn't notice me but I can't read.  And when she finally asks me to come to the head of the class I do everything in my power to make the class laugh.  What would you do if you knew that they all would laugh at you.  But I can't read and I can't write and I can't spell and most of the time I don't know my left from my right but they keep on passing me because I can dribble a ball and I can hit a three pointer y'all and I can almost hit a three pointer and I am guaranteed to get you 13 points.  But I can't read and I can't right, I can't spell most of the time I don't know my left form my right.  The teachers aid says it's the teachers fault and the teacher says it's the board of education and the board of education says its my parents fault and y'all my parents blame me.  But I still can't read, I can't write and most of the time I don't know my left from my right.  But on the biggest game of the year I was coming down the lane and I was doing my thing when number 13 crashed into me.  At the same time that I heard my knee snap, I heard my family dream shatter.  See they depended on me to get us out of the ghetto, so when I hit the ground I did everything in my power not to frown.  but it was just to much pain and ran straight to my brain and the last thing I remember is the doctor saying that I would never run again.  So now I;m asking y'all what are my options, I can't read.

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